Chiasmata release music video for new single “Absolution”

Chiasmata Absolution single cover
Progressive metal quartet Chiasmata have released the video for their new single “Absolution”, the second taste of their forthcoming release. 

The deliberate nature of the tonal dissonance within “Absolution” provides an ample canvas for the video, which portrays an internal struggle and personifies the same battles which are explored in the track.

Check out the video for “Absolution” below. Stream & download the new single here.

The band comment on the single:
“In writing "Absolution" we found ourselves producing a very comfortable piece of music that addressed an ultimately uncomfortable subject matter - this in a way was as alien to us as some of the more extreme composition that we had written up to this point. This was furthered by the addition of choral sections and electronic interludes that we feel are as integral to the song’s identity as the instrumentation in painting the picture”.

As much of a departure as it is familiar ground, “Absolution” introduces several compositional signatures that trace the cracks of the upcoming record. This track is as much a statement of the band’s identity as it is foreboding a direct manifestation of the underlying struggles, providing a pillar of stability among the turbulence both musically and conceptually.

Based in Manchester, Chiasmata are a four-piece progressive metal band who are bridging the gap between the atmospheric sensibilities of cinematic acts and the relentless complexity of modern technical metal. The young outfit strive to deliver their vision in line with lofty compositional ambition. The vocal hooks and melodic maturity that are staple to the band’s methodology are welcome anchorage, providing temporary reprieve as they navigate a turbulent sonic landscape.

Zoe Gale - Bass and Vocals
Alex Lescionok - Guitar
Cailum Finnegan - Guitar
Cameron Booth - Drums