Aisles announce new singer Israel Gil and release new version of “Smile of Tears”

Aisles band pic
The big day has come! Aisles are glad to announce their new singer, Israel Gil, with a newly done version of the song “Smile of Tears”, which is originally featured on “In Sudden Walks (2009).

Says the band of the re-recorded track:
“The track has a strong electronic influence from Depeche Mode’s eighties era, brought to the 21st century. The song was recorded during the pandemic, and it reflects the irony of our contact through social media and online meetings, where we pretend on camera that we are happy, but hopelessness is eating us up on the inside. Israel is replacing our longtime vocalist Sebastián, who stepped down as frontman in October, 2018”.

Israel, a classical trained musician and student of Music Theory at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, was discovered through the social network Vampr, an app that connects musicians from all over the world who share common interests. 

“After an intense audition process, where Israel had to learn old and new songs of the band, we finally chose him because of his natural talent, his discipline, his attention to detail and his friendliness. We love his voice and we hope you love him too!”, comments the band.

Shares the band about their upcoming album:
“We are still working on our fifth studio album, which will be released by the second semester of 2021. Most of the music is already recorded, we only need to record the voice and we hope to start showing new songs in the first months of next year. Our new material leaves behind the sound and visual complexity of "Hawaii" (2016), keeping the melancholy and instrumental passages that have defined us throughout our career, adding influences as Porcupine Tree and Animals as Leaders. Check our live from home video if you want to see Israel in action below”.

For the time being, “Smile of Tears” is only a digital release. You can download it on Bandcamp, and stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, and more.

“Don’t get discouraged, we might release it on a special limited edition in the forthcoming months”, the band says.