800 Throats to release new EP “Day of the Woman” on January 28th 2022

800 Throats Day of the Woman EP cover
One-man Industrial Electro project 800 Throats has signed a deal with Epictronic for his new EP “Day of the Woman”, due for release on January 28th, 2022.

800 Throats signing statement:
“Signing to Epictronic has been an exciting step on the journey for 800 Throats, expanding their audience globally, and being given the incredible opportunity to showcase the best of South African metal on an international scale”.

Watch this space. It is only the beginning…

About “Day of the Woman”:
“"Day of the Woman" is a 4-track EP fusing heavy guitar with stylistic electronic synths and dark, industrial atmospheres. It is the future-sound of our doomed existence. With lyrical content exploring our addiction to technology, violence against women, and the current downward trends in society, this EP is designed to make the listener question the world around them, while snapping their necks to head-banging tunes with catchy riffs in the process”.

Checkout an EP teaser below.

1. The Feed
2. Scrape
3. Day of the Woman
4. Society

800 Throats is a one-man industrial metal project formed by South African Dubstep/Psytrance EDM artist LUKA.

800 Throats began during the throes of the pandemic as the world entered lockdown, when people were deprived of going out, forced to stay indoors, and grapple with the existential angst of their life choices. Frustrated by the restrictive measures, deprived of concerts or festivals, 800 Throats formed as an escape to expel the creative build-up of being deprived of certain freedoms. The result was a head-shattering explosion of anger fused into the first release “The Madness” EP, a raw, gnarly, intense 4-track EP that captured the essence of being confined, released mid-2021.

800 Throats’ influences are ever-expanding, drawing on electronic influences such as Aphex Twin and Skrillex, to mainstay industrial metal powerhouses such as Fear Factory, Static-X, Ministry, and Rammstein, not to mention Tool. This amalgamation of styles has allowed 800 Throats to cultivate its own unique aesthetic, dubbed Cyber Metal, that while familiar, offers something different for the listener craving a fresh take on extreme music.