JoanovArc “Girls Wanna Rock” single launch show in London 2018

JoanovArc are a hard-hitting all girl rock band. They are an influential and powerful example of women in the music industry; they have even now been proclaimed the “New Queens of Rock” by Gil Norton. Their hard-work and commitment is paying off, as they were nominated for the “Angels of Rock Hell Award” last year. I was able to attend their launch show for their new single “Girls Wanna Rock” at the Big Red, a usual hangout of mine. Their new single “Girls Wanna Rock” is a lot more powerful and in your face than a lot of their previous work. And sends a powerful message about the inclusion of women in the music industry. Check out the official video below… the music video is an awesome Viking battle scene! Even include battle drums made from recycled construction materials, like Stomp. I arrived early, and found a booth near the front. It was an interesting hearing them sound check, whilst I was waiting to interview them afterwards. After watching their new single’s official music video, I was struck by how her voice sounded even better in real life.
JoanovArc single launch London 2018 poster
Flowerpot is another great example of women in the Rock industry. I loved Steph’s, lead singer, style; grunge clothes, including ripped tights and undone combat boots, with an adorable cat tail! She also stared in JoanovArc’s new official video-single. And even features in pride of place on the CD cover.
Steph calls out “So it’s a Friday, what a time for a celebration”! Then she launches straight back into full on rock mode, complete with plenty of head-banging and screaming. Morgan, on bass, joins her center stage half way through. They made good use of the stage space, with Steph often down the runway. They mixed in old and new songs, as well as some classic rock covers.
Steph addresses the crowd again “I’m aware some of you won’t know us. But I want to play something a little more well-known, since it’s a Friday, don’t you know? School’s out!”. They drop a heavy beat and launched into the classic “School’s out for Summer”.
Steph announced that the next song was written with someone who has now passed away. You could feel the raw emotions behind it. They even played their new song “Dragon Fire” that will be released next year. It had an electric start, with a deep, slow and heavy beat. Steph got everyone clapping to a heavy drum beat. Then fell to her knees and her fellow band members joined. She let out a rocking scream as laid back flat on the ground. It was really interesting to see a female rendition of the classic “Ace of Spades” and they totally smashed it.
Steph calls out “You’ve been one of the best crowds we’ve played to! Are you all warmed up for JoanovArc yet?”… their last song had a faster beat with rough, gritty vocals, with a few of Steph’s classic screams thrown in. As they exited the stage, the cheers and wolf whistles rang out.
John Altman, the director of the music video, introduced the single launch. JoanovArc had the lovely idea to use their single launch as a fundraiser for breast cancer charities. They filmed the video in one or two days on Bodenham Moor. It was a labour of love and really hard work, given the heat, but everyone came together and we really enjoyed it. They then played the video on the projector, as it ended there was a raucous round of applause.
Then all attention turned to the band on stage. “I wanna see your hands in the air”! They launched into a full power live rendition of their new hit single. They owned the space, switching around the lead. It was great to finally hear the song live! They then played one rock anthem one after another. They even treated us to a song from the new album “Down by the River”.
They dedicated a song to Steph, from Flowerpot and the star of their music video. “I want to see you mosh to this one”. They picked up the pace with upbeat pounding drums calling the warriors to the battle field. They got everyone moving and dancing! They invited Steph up on stage, as their music video’s leading lady “thank you Flowerpot for being so awesome” and together they smashed a “Zombie” cover. Together they made an epic line-up and a formidable force to be reckoned with. The energy spread through the crowd and got everyone dancing. The leading girls stepped aside to put the full attention on the drummer. The pummelling drum beat builds up into an epic drum solo.
As well as plenty of standout rockers, they also played a ballad piece, taking a slower and more soulful approach. “Put your arm around the person next to you and remember when you were young”. They got everyone dancing or swaying with lighters. Then in contrast they crashed straight into a classic hard rocker, fast and more upbeat. They got fans of all ages dancing together. You can see they are really having fun with this one. After each song ended, they erupted into applause.
They invited John, the director, on stage to join them for “Wild One”. And the energy only intensified as John danced and sang along. Ending on a smashing drum solo. “In America we met a few cowboys, and I see a few here tonight”! I could feel the floor vibrating beneath my feet as people danced, jumped and stomped along. The crowd cheers and claps throughout the ending drum solo and exploded into deafening cheers, clapping and whistling afterwards. They ended on a reprise of their new single “Girls Wanna Rock” and Steph joined them onstage, thanking everyone at the end.
I was honoured to meet JoanovArc, as amazing examples of women in the rock industry. Which is definitely something we need to see more often! I have never seen so much energy in such a small space. It really was infectious and spread through the audience. People danced, jumped and sang along, you could they really loved the music and were having an amazing time! And it was a great idea from the girls to use the single launch as a fundraiser for such a worthy cause. I can’t wait to hear what their new album, being released in February 2019, has in store!