Summers is one of those newcomers that surprised me nicely when I came across their debut album. The guys are talented and true on what they’re doing. That 80s melodic rock, hard rock & AOR combination with a modern touch is very intriguing indeed. The guys form the band talked to Grande Rock and gave us a hint about who they are what they are up to… Check it out below…
Summers band pic

Hey guys… A dream comes true dude, right?! Your debut album is finally out after a long period. How do you feel now that your first goal has been accomplished? We named it the Best Album of April on Grande Rock!
S: It’s great that the fans can finally own a piece of Summers. We’re incredibly proud of the album and just glad to have it out there.
Do tell us what has happened since 2007 that Summers started out till today. Why did it take it you so long to release your debut and what were the drawbacks that you faced as band?
S: It took us a while to establish our sound and get the right musicians in the band, but after the record was complete it was frustrating not being able to release it as so many people asked for it.
You stated that “364” declares the days that you worked on the album. Tell us a few things about that working period and how you did things.
S: We flew out to Cyprus on the 22nd September to get complete isolation from the outside world as our producer had a studio out there. It enabled us to concentrate solely on the music without any distractions. The majority of the album was completed apart from the ballads which we finalized in the UK. The album was returned mixed and mastered on the 21st September, “364 days later”, thus the album title.
What’s the thing with these weird “drawings” in the cover artwork?
S: The album artwork was designed by American artist named Delae C. Noctra, which mean “art concealed” backwards. The style is called “hydroliptic” and is a collaboration of different influences and random things we asked him to conceal within the drawing. The idea of it is to let the owners try and see what they can find. Obviously, we’ve given them clues along the way.
Give us a hint about the songs…
S: “Shot in the Dark”: A fast paced love song with anthemic chorus…
“Superhero”: It’s what every girl wants, and what every girl needs.
“Girls”: What every guy wants, what every guy needs.
“Too Late”: If you love someone, it’s never too late to win their hearts.
“Sometimes”: You just wish you were someone else.
“Steal Away”: Grabbing your gal, and riding off into the sunset.
“Let’s Make Love”: For the chicks…
“Billy”: Everyone loves a badass cowboy…yee hah!
“Let’s Go Round”: The ladies love to dance to this, the guys love to watch.
“Told You So”: About a complicated relationship…
“Terminator”: Hard hitting rock track…
“Rock Machine”: A dedication to Phil Lynott…
You chose to work with Clyde Ward (Eric Clapton, Sting, Lenny Kravitz, and George Michael), who has also written and co-written some songs on the album. Why did you choose to work with Clyde and how did the cooperation turn out eventually?
S: Clyde has had number 1 hits so we’re always keen to listen and learn from someone with experience. We met him through a mutual friend and the relationship blossomed from there really.
The CD was mixed by Jens Klein in Germany and mastered by Pat Reese in the USA. How did you come up to cooperate with three different guys (Clyde, Jens & Pat) for the final outcome? Are you totally satisfied by the result at long last?
S: Jens was a close friend of Clyde’s who mixed the album, and Pat came highly recommended via our US management. They both delivered and we’re over the moon with the album.
The video for “Too Late” has been up for about 2 years now. How come? Will there be any new videos out in the next months?
S: The single was used purely for promotional gains and we weren’t expecting the response we got from people demanding the release of the album. There were a few offers on the table at the time, so we had to weigh up our options before making any further decisions. Once the album tour is over, we’ll be looking at putting together another video.
How did you decide to release the album independently? Probably, you weren’t satisfied with the labels’ offers on the whole, huh?
S: Exactly – nothing was offered that we couldn’t do ourselves. (i.n.: Thus better do it you own way… smart move guys.)
What are the advantages and the disadvantages of being independent?
S: The biggest and most obvious advantage is the money earned goes back into the band helping recoup costs and fund further projects.
Is it easier to record, produce & release an album than in the past but also harder to promote it and support it properly due to the market overload with the releases?
S: It is certainly easier to record an album these days, which means the market is saturated with all kinds of music making it harder for records like ours to get noticed. However you still need the right team to create something which will stand out.
How was the HRH AOR Festival? I heard that it was great and you did pretty well. Have you planned any other gigs for the future?
S: HRH AOR was incredible and it was humbling to have Danny Vaughn from Tyketto in the audience and plugging us during his earlier interviews and chilling backstage with H.E.A.T after their set. We are currently touring the east coast of the United States and have supported bands such as Molly Hatchet, DDrive and Tuff. We have also hung out with some amazing people such as Mark Mendoza from Twisted Sister, and blues artist Evan Stanley. On our return to the UK we have a number of dates confirmed, but our next festival is Skyfest in September. (i.n.: The guys as we speak are on tour in the US.)
I’ve written: “…Summers is one of those bands that brought in my mind the glorious 80s days from the very first moment I listened to their debut album…”. What’s your say?
S: The music of the 80’s had a huge influence on us but we added a modern twist to bring it up to date.
Summers band pic

How can we make people love and buy music in this time-period with all the financial problems and the easy way of getting it for free with just a few clicks? Some say that going back to vinyl is the answer… but there’s not only that. What else can the labels and the bands do?
S: I think this is the million dollar question which everyone would love answer to… we’re honestly not sure.
It’s time for the Weird Questions now!!! Why did your name your band Summers?
S: It is something which related to all us and we wanted something a little more upbeat which made people feel good.
What are those things that you do not like in the music industry nowadays?
S: The lack of funds and interest from companies in new artists. No one appears to want to develop acts anymore and expects them to be already established. (i.n.: So true…)
Which band do you consider that can take a leading part in rock music in the future?
S: Hopefully us…
If you knew the specific day when the end of earth would come, what would you choose to do, that you haven't done yet?
S: Invent something to stop the world ending…
If music were banned by law (CDs, Vinyl, cassettes, Mp3s everything), which 3 albums would you risk to hide even if it would be a risky thing to do cuz the penalty would be jail?
S: Def Leppard – “Hysteria”, AC/DC – “Back in Black” and Bryan Adam’s – “Waking up the Neighbours”.
Name 3 top 80s (hard) rock tunes that influenced the whole genre…
S: Van-Halen – “Jump”; the introduction of the synth with rock music.
Def Leppard – “Photograph”; the polished sound of Mutt Lange’s production with huge glossy vocals.
Poison – “Every Rose has its Thorn”; the introduction of the power ballad which started a trend throughout all rock bands at the time.

What are your 3 beloved songs of all time regardless of any music genre?
S: Seal – “Kiss from a Rose” (Jase: Such a timeless song which sounds amazing no matter how many times you hear it).
O-Town – “All or Nothing” (Crash loves this track as its great song writing and would love to turn it into a rock ballad).
Shania Twain – “Still the One” (Ricky: Great song writing).

We’ve chosen songs completely away from our genre…as you can see. (i.n.: Yeap….)
Which is that band that has influenced most of the bands & musicians since rock music begun…?
S: It has to be the Beatles. They inspired so many great musicians and artists along the way.
Would you stop playing & listening to rock music if a girlfriend of yours asked you to?
S: She wouldn’t be my girlfriend if she demanded such a thing.
Why is rock (any kind) music better than sex… if it is… cheeky
S: It lasts longer and doesn’t mind you having a JD and cigarette afterwards.
You have the opportunity to have sex with the porn-star/movie celebrity of your choice. Who would it be & why?
S: Crash is working on this as we speak so naming any names would stump his momentum. (i.n.: Hehehe wish him luck...)
Imagine that your girlfriend/life partner is selling your whole album-collection just to buy an expensive ring for herself. How would you react? smiley
S: Depends how good she is in the bedroom.
I think we’re over guys. If you’d like to say anything that I didn’t ask you then just do it! Thx for the music dude… take care!
S: It’s been a pleasure and thanks for having us, We appreciate all the support from everyone, you can check us out at: and you can buy our debut album “364” from any major online music store or grab a hardcopy on our website.