Withem - The Unforgiving Road

Withem The Unforgiving Road cover
The Unforgiving Road
Frontiers Music Srl
After the wonderful debut, “The Point of You”, which added them into the premier league category of melodic prog power metal music, Norwegians Withem are back with their sophomore release under a bigger label this time. This means that their hard work has paid back and now they will have a better promotion and they will be available to a bigger market. It’s always good to see bands which we have supported from day one here on Grande Rock to go further and become bigger with every new step.
Musically, “The Unforgiving Road” follows the same music path of their debut without any main alterations. The sound is heavy, tight and full. The new album, just like the debut, was produced and mixed by guitarist Øyvind Voldmo Larsen at his own Lionheart Studio. The melodic side of the band is here, probably not so strong as in the debut, while the progressive arrangements and the great performances are present and stronger than before.
I do wish “The Unforgiving Road” to bring success to the band but personally I’m a bit torn. There’s nothing wrong with the album at all, I just feel that the hooks are not as strong as on the debut. Overall, the new album is like a continuation of their debut… I just wished it had those memorable melodies like the ones on “The Point of You”. Other than that, all the prog power metallers will surely revel in it no matter what. Some do not care about the hooks that much, especially on this kind of music, so they will enjoy it even more. I’m just waiting to see them going for the top (cuz they can) on their third studio release…