Dragonfly releases music video for new single “El Guardian del Tiempo”

Veteran Heavy/Power Metallers Dragonfly are ready to release their new album “Zeitgeist”, through Art Gates Records worldwide, on October 25th, 2019.

The band now releases the flamming new video for the single “El Guardian del Tiempo”, recorded by Crisof Productions. Watch the video below.

Comments the band:

Nocturnal Rites - Phoenix

Obviously, I know who Nocturnal Rites are, but I did presume them to have gone MIA, since it was ten or so years, since their last album. I must say that I first saw the album on vinyl and I was struck by it’s cool cover artwork… and after that I thought to fire up a google search in case they had any videos out. True that “Before We Waste Away” was released last June and it’s a catchy melodic number in the style of more prog The Poodles, mid to late era Hammerfall and such, with occasional touches of other styles. A certain progress since the somewhat simpler more to the point power metal of their formative days, but still recognizable as them.

Communic to release new studio album “Where Echoes Gather” on October 27th 2017

One of Europe’s leading and most popular prog metal acts is finally back: Norway’s Communic have made a lasting impression on the scene with their previous four studio albums “Conspiracy in Mind” (2005), “Waves of Visual Decay” (2006), “Payment of Existance” (2008) and “The Bottom Deep” (2011), which all have been released by Nuclear Blast.

Critical acclaim follows Communic since day one and a devoted worldwide fan base is hotly anticipating the release of the first Communic album since six years. With “Where Echoes Gather”, the band impressively confirms and underlines its exceptional status.

MindMaze to release new studio album “Resolve” on April 28th 2017

The US progressive power metal band MindMaze will release their new album “Resolve” on April 28th, 2017, in Europe and North America through Inner Wound Recordings.

Over the span of 68 minutes of melodic and powerful music ripe with recurring themes, the band takes the listener on a whirlwind journey through the scope of human emotion in hopes they will be able to project their own experiences into these intensely personal lyrics inspired by an amalgam of real-life events.

Withem - The Unforgiving Road

After the wonderful debut, “The Point of You”, which added them into the premier league category of melodic prog power metal music, Norwegians Withem are back with their sophomore release under a bigger label this time. This means that their hard work has paid back and now they will have a better promotion and they will be available to a bigger market. It’s always good to see bands which we have supported from day one here on Grande Rock to go further and become bigger with every new step.

Assignment - Closing the Circle

Assignement is a German band that started in 1994 but did not debut until almost a decade later, for whatever reasons. Since then they have steadily released albums since then, the first two with a German singer, the latter two with Argentinian Diego Valdez of Electronomicon and others fame. While the band started as a thrashy heavy hybrid during their demo years, a more prog power sound finally manifested in their albums and I guess the album sounds a bit like your average Rainbow inspired affair with Valdez sounding like Ralph Scheepers on his lower octaves, without the piercing highs, which I guess is not a bad thing.