Threshold - March of Progress

Threshold March of Progress cover
March of Progress
Nuclear Blast
It was about time… as 5 years were too many for a band like Threshold to be out of the game. In the meantime, the sad news for the loss of their singer Mac brought sadness and grief to the band itself and the fans around the world as well. Andrew “Mac” McDermott was a great singer and will always be remembered no matter how much time will pass. He was one of the guys responsible for one of the greatest prog metal album of the 00s… the astounding “Subsurface”.
I think Threshold did what was best for them and chose wisely when they brought the original singer, Damian Wilson, back. The fans were excited with the news as Damian undoubtedly was/is a very important part of the band. The masterminds of Threshold, Karl Groom and Richard West, have delivered an amazing, dynamic, clear, rich & modern production. The album, as usual, was recorded & produced in Thin Ice Studios (Dragonforce, Pendragon). The songwriting is startling as well… the wonderful melodies, the smart orchestrations, the heavy riffing, the stunning atmosphere & the distinctive vocals complete a splendid outcome. Therefore, it would be partial to pinpoint a few songs only… as the more you get into the album the more you will be taken away by each one of the songs. Do give it time and listens and you will be captured by its alluring supremacy.
Prog or not so prog is not the question here… the matter is how much intelligent, sophisticated and inspiring the music is, with the real meaning of the progressive term, which is moving forward with new music ideas… creating new fresh paths and stirred soundscapes. Threshold are one of the very few bands in the world that can actually succeed such a thing. This is where they prosper and do well while others repeat themselves and constantly become boring like hell with each new release. Threshold proved (even if they do not need to do so anymore) why they are one of the top melodic prog metal bands globally and when there’s inspiration, skills and creativity you can truly do wonders. “March of Progress” is among the best releases of 2012 and along with “Subsurface” the best works of the band to date! Don’t miss this album especially if you are into prog metal… this is pure awesomeness in every part…
PS: It is worth getting the digi-CD as the fantastic “Divinity” is only available as a bonus track there.