The Windmill - The Continuation

The Windmill The Continuation cover
The Windmill
The Continuation
Windmill Records
I happened upon this band out of nowhere. It seems that Norway is having something like a bloom in every rock & metal genre during the last years. I was immediately amazed by the prog rock approach of the band but I was not ready for what I was about to experience. First of all, I have to say that The Windmill started out in 2001 and after some line-up changes and lots of rehearsing they managed to self-release their debut album in 2010, which was entitled “To Be Continued…”. Now, three years later, they’re back, as they promised, with “The Continuation”.
Just to give a small hint just put Jethro Tull, Camel, Arena, IQ, Marillion, Pendragon, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Alan Parsons, The Flower Kings inter alia in a blender… mix ‘em together with an apt amount of melody, freshness and inspiration and then you have The Windmill. Yeap, it’s that good & easy. Don’t you believe me? A test will convince even the more skeptical of you…
The instrumental parts prevail most of the times and that’s what should happen in a prog album where most of the songs are more than 9 minutes. The wonderful melodies, the orchestration, the performances, the atmosphere, the vocal lines… everything here plays a major role that helps each song reveal its inner beauty, harmony and magnificence. Nothing should be left aside. Every little thing here has its meaning and completes the final outcome. The guitars, the flute, the sax & the synth paint various beautiful melodies into the musical canvas so impressively and harmonically that’s impossible to let it go for as long as it lasts. Mood changes along with deep inner feelings are what you’re about to experience the more you insist on travelling into The Windmill’s “The Continuation” cosmos. The production is warm, clear and smooth… great in every aspect!
After the “…Continuation”, there comes the time to put on “The Masque”, but remember that you’re “Not Alone”, even when the inner you sometimes feels like so, and be ready for the “Giant Prize” that you are about to get as a good “Gamer”.
I can easily go all the way and describe this album by writing pages but I think it would be better to find out yourself, right? The Windmill proved once more that provided there’s inspiration, imagination and creativity then you can compose and release awe-inspiring music. All the other things are just there to decoy the opportunistic fans so as to get a specific product. But here we’re not talking about products, but for music. The music lovers know better, they always did, than to overlook albums like “The Continuation”. This album was crafted with the finest 70s & 80s prog rock elements…