The Flower Kings - Banks of Eden

The Flower Kings Banks of Eden cover
The Flower Kings
Banks of Eden
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Taking a long break from their main band the members of The Flower Kings weren’t left with crossed hands all these 5 years but they toured, recorded and released various albums with Transatlantic, Karmakanic, Agents of Mercy & Hasse Fröberg and the Musical Companion. Somewhat more than fooling around just to clear their head off the music world… if that’s what a break from your main band means.
Anyhow, the question is how that break affected the musicians and what new incitements, so as to deliver music with inner joy & inspiration, it provided ‘em. Judging by the result this is the case where a pause did work for bettering things for the band. “Banks of Eden” may contain elements from the band’s previous releases… but it has some hard rock, dark and late 60s & 70s passages as well. The album was recorded with the band playing live in one room in Varispeed studio in January 2012 and this time, with plenty of original 60s and 70s recording equipment… making the final result indeed warm & vintage. A great idea that was executed perfectly and added that little extra that we’re missing so badly in our time. It’s absorbing how warm, clear and rich the production is.
Opening the album with the 25-minute song “Numbers”… ain’t the easiest and friendliest thing to do… but I kinda liked the melodic connections it has with the last “Rising the Imperial”… a song of pure awesomeness, melodic-ness and catchiness. Simply the best song of the album and among the top prog tunes of 2012. Want more? There are also 4 bonus tracks on the limited edition of the album that will satisfy you as well… especially the instrumental “Illuminati”, which has 70s touches from Santana, Journey, Floyd & Genesis. It is one of those bonus tracks that will make you wonder… why it didn’t make it to the actual album in the end.
“Banks of Eden” is one of those prog rock albums that get better with each play… and the more appreciation it receives will depend on the time spending listening to it. After all, that’s what makes a prog rock album worth-getting and worth-listening. Lastly, “Banks of Eden” is made of the material that all the great 70s & 80s prog rock albums were made of… try it out on your own if your into 70s-80s prog rock music and you’ll be stirred…