The Advent Equation - Limitless Life Reflections

The Advent Equation Limitless Life Reflections cover
The Advent Equation
Limitless Life Reflections
Independent Release
Were I to guess which country this band is coming from, arbitrating by its music style I would probably choose Europe and specifically Scandinavia. I was rather surprised when I found out that The Advent Equation are hailing from Mexico. They have been around since 2008 but they only released an EP on the same year, entitled “Sounds from Within”. Having worked more on their style and especially on combining various things from the music genres they love the most, the time has finally come to present their debut album worldwide.
Labeling the band’s music style ain’t easy at all but I’ll try to give it a go. Take parts from classical music & jazz along with mellow, Spanish, acoustic, atmospheric passages… and blend them with prog rock/metal, heavy, death, atmospheric, extreme & metal features generally & then you’ll possibly get a hint of what The Advent Equation are all about. Sometimes it’s better to let the music speak instead of words. An amalgamation of bands such: Opeth, Green Carnation, Age of Silence, Katatonia, October Tide, Winds, Black Sun Aeon & In Mourning inter alia, will conceivably give you a better & more complete idea about the band’s music at large. But there’s not only that here. This Mexican band is moving on the edge at times, when adding diverse and fairly “weird” elements to their music. That’s the beauty of progression & experimentation. Certainly their ability to orchestrate their tunes so attractively makes the final outcome even more desirable. Of course, they did pay extra attention to their sound, as the album was mixed & produced by Alberto “Charles” Leal at Psicofonia Productions, while the mastering was done by the eminent Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, Amon Amarth, Devin Townsend) at Fascination Street studios, Orebro, Sweden. Needless to say that the result is remarkable… can’t you tell?!
Hence, what do we have here? A newcomer form Latin America that’s playing, performing & delivering music on high level full of creativity & progressiveness. That’s sort of a scandal… mainly cuz’ this band does not come from Scandinavia huh?! Apart from the funny side of it, The Advent Equation are not playing around. They enthrall with their music skills & their sophisticated yet melodious prog “brutality”. Given that this is just the band’s debut release, it should be intriguing to see what their next step will be like & how far they can go. Most bands need at least 4-5 releases to capture something like this… if a handful of them ever do so!
Furthermore, it’s a quite shameful fact that some so called big bands (with major support) cannot come up with a result such as this and a new group from Mexico, just out of nowhere, showed up & made both bands & fans reconsider various things about musical inspiration. The moment I thought that nothing surprisingly good & indie would come my way till the end of the Year… here comes “Limitless Life Reflections”. I was bowled over by the musical maturity, the performances, the songwriting and the melodies of The Advent Equation! Well done guys!