State Of Salazar - Superhero

State Of Salazar Superhero cover
State Of Salazar
Frontiers Music Srl
State Of Salazar made their breakthrough with the release of their debut “All the Way”, back in 2014. After that, it’s been about 4 years since we heard some new stuff from the band… and as the lead singer Marcus Nygren told me (read more here), there were reasons out of their hands that kept them away for such a long period.
Gratefully, State Of Salazar haven’t lost any of their shine… on the contrary they have added a new keyboardist and vocalist, Kevin Hosford, to the line-up, thing that turned out to be a very wise decision as Kevin has also contributed to the songwriting and he has a wonderful voice too.
The band kinda picks up from where they left off with their debut release. The AOR, melodic rock, pop-rock, rock & roll, arena rock, art-rock and Westcoast elements are still there, but I do think that this time the album is a bit rockier than before… more intense at places, if I may say so. There are also two ballads, the re-make of “Lie to Me”, which features Kristina Talajic on vocals and “Love Will Find a Way” that features Rasmus Nyvall on saxophone. Moreover, the production is clear and tight as well.
I think that State Of Salazar have taken a step forward with “Superhero”. This album is full of wonderful melodies and nice orchestrations. Some of the tracks here can easily be on the (web)radio and they will be by hook or by crook. “Superhero” is a remarkable AOR/melodic rock album that will please all the fans of the genre. It’s time to “discover” this band, if you haven’t done so till now, cuz they are one of the most talented acts out there and they’ve got what it takes to move ahead.