So Hideous - Laurestine

So Hideous Laurestine cover
So Hideous
Prosthetic Records
Sometimes you happen upon a band that you do not know what you’re about to listen to. Most of the times, bands are so predictable that listening to an album becomes a boring procedure but there are a few others you’re going in for a surprise that re-installs your faith in stimulated & expressive music.
So Hideous progressed those two years that elapsed since the release of their debut “Last Poem/Last Light”. They did keep some basic elements of their sound but they take it to another level on the whole now. “Laurestine” is an utterly moody symphonic work with post-rock/metal, dark, atmospheric & cinematic elements along with a few extreme & blackgaze ones. The emotional screams from the other world are still there to add an eerie & awe-inspiring touch to the final outcome.
I do not know how to approach “Laurestine”. Its symphonic side is exceptional, very emotive and atmospheric… yet the extreme metallic one is otherworldly, intense and strange! Yet, So Hideous brings those two phenomenally different worlds together so finely! That’s the actual beauty of “Laurestine”.
The symphonic parts were recorded with a 30-piece orchestra and as the band’s guitarist & composer Brandon Cruz told Grande Rock that this time they approached the album production “as an ambient chamber piece and placed even more emphasis on the orchestrations and atmosphere”. Dean Baltulonis (Lucero, Sick of It All) recorded & mixed the album, while Chris Montgomery (Lily Allen, Mumford & Sons) recorded and mixed the strings. Later Dean mixed the metal & the symphonic parts together. The mastering was done by Michael Judeh at Dubway.
“Laurestine” consists of 7 tracks that are fully connected and it should be experienced as one music piece. It’s a very penetrating and gloomy album so be prepared to experience several obscure & melancholic moods along the way. So Hideous took the leap that will bring em both fame & fortune. They are gaining much popularity and are expanding their fan-base as we speak… but that thing is also increasing the fans’ expectations for their next release. Nonetheless, “Laurestine” is an imposing, melancholic & intense symphonic dark extreme atmospheric album that can only be loved or hated… there’s no middle way! Still, I consider it to be one of the strangest & greatest albums of 2015!
PS: I do not recommend listening to “Laurestine” at night under candlelight with a glass of red wine… then again the way one wanna experience their beloved music is very personal… but remember that you’ve been warned!