Slow Burning Car - Projection

Slow Burning Car Projection cover
Slow Burning Car
Trifonic Records
Slow Burning Car are back with a new studio album, three years after the previous “Defection”. This time apart from the alternative rock, stoner rock, hard rock, pop-rock, grunge, punk rock and garage mix bag that you will come across, as soon as you push play, there’s also a new trick up the band’s sleeve on the track “Meraki”, which is sung in Greek and features a bouzouki as well. A rather mellow and atmospheric track that will please those that are looking for something different. I was a bit skeptical at first but after a couple of listens, I can tell that the whole blending is working really well.
Troy Spiropoulos, the band’s songwriter, bassist and vocalist, along with Krista Turkoglou Ray (vocals) work well with each other nicely and along come the other guys too. This album does have a music diversity and one thing is for sure; the listener won’t get bored along the way, cuz every song is different than the other. Slow Burning Car have managed to gather all the above-mentioned influences and put them on this album… and they did a great job on the whole. Even some space rock touches here and there are very well placed on some the tracks.
The production is clear, full and rockin’. The album was produced by Troy Spiropoulos and Steve Ornest. The mastering was done by Wyn Davis. Wyn along with Steve Ornest are responsible for the recordings, the engineering and the mixing.
There are some independent releases that are so well-made that surely deserve our time and support, cuz some bands have chosen the “hard way” of playing gigs and taking care of their own recordings entirely and they do it really professionally. The more support they’re gonna get, the more power they will get, so as to make it through, especially during these difficult times. If rock diversity is your thing along with nice melodies, then do give “Projection” a chance…