Rhyme - The Seed and the Sewage

The Seed and the Sewage
Bakerteam Records
Something weird is going on here… as part of their renewal, Scarlet & Bakerteam records have made a new opening to different rock music styles & signed with a few bands that are keen on the 90s grunge & alternative rock music. Rhyme are coming from Italy and they were formed in 2008. “The Seed and the Sewage” is the band’s sophomore release.
As I said before, the band is trying to reach an 90s sound but they have also modernized it to our age with various nu/modern metal features. The production is a bit edgy but heavy as well. The mix of Foo Fighters, Alter Bridge, Pap Roach, Godsmack, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains etc. might be challenging for those who like these bands and the music of that era but to some guys like myself, who are not into this kind of music, it’s not that likable. There are a few special guest appearances by members of Destrage, Elvenking and Secret Sphere among others.
I do not know why some are still smitten with this music but I think there were only a few bands from that time that made a difference, even though they didn’t manage to go all the way that successfully. I can’t deny the fact that there are a few good moments here but these are not enough to make the album a priority. The guys do tour a lot and with a few big names of the scene, so they will get their chance in the next years. To my ears this music style is a bit obsolesce these days, but if they take care of some specific parts on their music, like their melodies and they focus more on what they want to deliver, they might do rather well.