Pretty Maids - Motherland

Pretty Maids Motherland cover
Pretty Maids
Frontiers Records
This album was somewhat anticipated, especially after the band’s last exceptional live 2CD/DVD “It Comes Alive”. These “old hard rockers” seem to derive a rock energy from their brilliant past that gives ‘em the will and the strength to go on with such intensity even today.
The album contains 13 songs and lasts about 50 minutes. Even though they all have a decent contextual, I believe that the CD should have had fewer songs. In that way, it would be more cohesive and sturdier. There are songs which are showcasing the band’s hard side and others that present the mellower & “popish” side. The performances are all at a high level and Atkins sounds incredibly good! As for the production… when you are teaming up with the renowned producer, Jacob Hansen (Mercenary, Pyramaze, HateSphere, Autumn Leaves, Without Grief, Manticora etc.), the final outcome couldn’t have been less than superb.
“Motherland” has all those elements that made the band eminent among the rockers/metalers. This album will satisfy the fans as they can spot their personal favorites out of so many strong tunes. Tracks like: “Mother of All Lies”, “To Fool a Nation”, “Sad to See You Suffer”, “Infinity”, “Why So Serious”, “I See Ghosts”, “Bullet for You” & “Wasted” leave no other choice than to dig this album at long last. Possibly, some fans would have preferred PM to have gone heavier… but honestly, what’s that bloody point? Good songs will always be gratifying no matter if they are heavy or not. It’s all about the melodies and the hooks guys & gals… and Pretty Maids nailed it again on “Motherland”!
There’s a “refined music quality” all over the album which demonstrates the band’s capabilities and their true love on what they do. Pretty Maids certainly don’t disappoint; on the contrary they do keep the hard rock/metal flag up high… Hail!