Pain Of Salvation - In the Passing Light of Day

Pain Of Salvation In the Passing Light of Day cover
Pain Of Salvation
In the Passing Light of Day
InsideOut Music
“I was born in this building, it was the first Tuesday I had ever seen – and if I live to see tomorrow, it will be my Tuesday number: 2119”…
You open the door. Hesitantly. Darkness frantically hits you in the face. Abruptness grasps you from the neck. Roughness rushes your skin, you feel trapped, but you like it. A smile ditches your face, while you are spinning in an emotional whirlwind made of tears and pain. Welcome back old friend. Welcome back Daniel. Welcome back Pain Of Salvation!
Dark as fears, deep as a well of tortured souls crying to be free, cathartic as divine redemption, “In the Passing Light of Day” manifests Pain’s glorious return to the living. Daniel’s near death experience with the rare sickness he recovered from, gave birth to feelings that haunt this record. Melancholy, fear, redemption.
Grey is the color that fills the room every time I play this record. Grey in the sense of the most hopeful color – the one that follows black, deep black. There is not much I can write to describe the sound of this album. Pain return to their dark and haunting moments. Nevermore’s ghost is here, but is dressed with a custom-made suit, tailored by leftovers from the cover of “Remedy Lane”. I can only compare this record to Fates Warning’s “Pleasant Shade of Gray” – but only in terms of monumentality.
Pain Of Salvation do not re-invent the wheel. Their neo-prog approach is based on less complex compositions. Heavy riffs flood the songs, twists of multiple vocals are seeded here and there, creepy melodies, creepy melodies, creepy melodies… Special reference shall be made to the rhythm section and especially the out of tempo drumming – an element that lifts the prog feeling of the record.
Out of the ashes, the new album rises above and finds it place next to “Remedy Lane” and “The Perfect Element”. I can hardly think that a better record can be created this year – if it matters at all. The bottom line here is that we all found a new friend for life. Someone to accompany us in the passing light of days…
This album is above metal/rock genres. It is an album to be celebrated by all of us, an album that unites us. Celebrate metal heads, these are our moments in time!