Opeth - Deliverance

Opeth Deliverance cover
Music for Nations
There are some rare times in life that every one of us comes up with something really special. From my point of view, music has the first and the last word in people’s mood and it can affect us in many ways. But what exactly happens when you feel and you’re sure that you stand in front of a new great band? What kind of feelings can cross your mind and your heart? Opeth have taken the long lonely road to success and only their “ego” can stop them from going big. They keep progressing and evolving with every new album and that is something we (the fans) love seeing in gifted bands.
So, “Deliverance” is the new opus that Opeth offer us but till their next album of course! I’m not going to say which the best song of the album is or what kind of music the band plays. The whole result is absolutely Opeth! Mike Akerfeldt and Steve Wilson (the producer of the band) created a new exciting album and I will suggest you not miss it! The atmosphere, the darkness, the melancholy, the aggression, the melodies, the riffs, the progressive themes & the acoustic parts are all there. Without trying to copy the previous successful recipe of “Blackwater Park”, they decided to go forward and keep exploring their inner world. The good thing with Opeth is that they have a long way in front of them and they can seek a place among the top metal bands of our time if they keep it that way. “Deliverance” will take you by storm… the bar has been set really high here…