Opeth - Sorceress

Opeth Sorceress cover
Nuclear Blast Records
I guess every time Opeth release a new album the “metal community” kinda makes a buzz about it – let alone the continuous advertising by the label and all those around the band. Opeth keep “progressing” but not in a good way; that way will lead them to “extinction” eventually. They have nothing to do with the band they once were and every new album takes them far away from the “principles” they used to have. Well, the band’s leader, Mikael makes some “significant” statements from time to time but they mostly remind the ones of the politicians… they never stay true to them!
That prog rock 70s thing has really gone too far and has become way too boring, predictable and tiresome. It ain’t progression to go 40 years back and “steal” ideas and themes from the true progressive bands that brought the actual evolution to rock music… especially when your songwriting is rather derivative and your vocals are hardly passable. Mikael just does not have the personality and the talent to make some “real prog rock” music just like his idols did in the 70s. You cannot claim you’re a prog rock band when you simply rip-off Jethro Tull on “Will O The Wisp” or Deep Purple on “Chrysalis”. Yeah, the youngsters might find it enjoyable – but It will be better to listen to those bands instead of a copycat like Opeth. It ain’t fun anymore and no real music fans consider this calm, acoustic wannabe prog shit truly “progressive music”.
Moreover, the old-school & kind of muddy production does not make the album sound more “retro” or 70s as the band wanna succeed. It ain’t the 70s but the 10s… so they’d better adapt to that reality!
From time to time I hear some fans say that Opeth should return to their early 00s days and release albums like “Damnation”, which was superb and so on. But just think for a while… was “Damantion” so great an album? I guess this is where Opeth started to take their downfall… when they released a wannabe Porcupine Tree with poor vocals and mediocre songwriting. This is the point where they started copying styles in order to show that they are progressing.
Bottom line is that “Sorceress” is an album that will bring many prog rock moments and bands on your mind while listening to it, but those who have reveled in the prog rock music of the 70s will find it rather comical. As for others who haven’t heard of a single prog rock band…well, they will surely find it evolutionary and will be enthusiastic about it, till they entirely forget it after 5-6 months…
PS: I knew from the very first moment that I played this album that I’m gonna waste my time over it for nothing and damn I was so friggin right… no not again – do not waste your time, just do something more meaningful. Ohh and the rating is symbolic!