One Less Reason - The Memories Uninvited

One Less Reason The Memories Uninvited cover
One Less Reason
The Memories Uninvited
Tattooed Millionaire Records
After almost 4 years of absence the Tennessee rockers, One Less Reason, are back with their new full-length studio album entitled “The Memories Uninvited”. Having all the time in the world on his new studio, songwriter, vocalist & producer Chris Brown didn’t have to worry for anything, so he spent almost 2 years writing & recording for the new album. The production is superb; crystal clear, full & powerful. At this point I must also say that the album was mixed by Randy Staub (Metallica, Nickelback, Motley Crue).
Musically, OLR are kinda making an “overview” of what they have presented till now. Modern alternative rock tracks with catchy hooks full of emotions. I think that my description is not as good as the actual tracks. There are tracks for all kind of taste, for those who like it heavier, more modern and for those who fancy the softer mellower side of the band. All the melodies are memorable and this is the part where this album
I’ve spent much time listening to the album again and again from start to finish… and that’s the part where this album excels over the other albums of the genre. There are several tracks that were meant for the radio and that you’re gonna sing ‘em slowly afterwards with “Break Me”, “Sometimes”, “Where Were You?”, “Time”, “One Day”, “The Lie” and “You Didn’t Know” being among the best. Do not be surprised if any of the above tracks make it to a TV series or a movie at some point. I think that Chris’ music freedom of the last 2 years, when he bought the studio, has totally rejuvenate him musically and it wouldn’t be irrelevant to say that “The Memories Uninvited” is probably the band’s top work to date. The longtime fans of the band will revel in it and the same goes for all those who fancy this kind of music…