Nestor - Kids in a Ghost Town

Nestor Kids in a Ghost Town cover
Kids in a Ghost Town
Black Diamond Music
Nestor is a new “old” band formed back in 1989 by 5 childhood friends in Sweden. They tried to hold on to their rock dreams, but sooner or later the whole thing faded way due to everyday life’s obligations. Then again it’s never late to follow your dreams and do the things you really love and you’re still longing for.

The covid lockdown was proven a great period to work on the things they never had the chance to do before. So, Tobias Gustavsson (vocals), who is also a music producer, called up the other guys and started working on their debut release… almost 30+ after they were officially formed. The final result is “Kids in a Ghost Town”, a debut album that will truly take all the fans or rock music by surprise even after the first listen. Nestor combines melodic rock, AOR, pop-rock and hard rock with amazing melodies along with an 80s atmosphere. No reason to wonder why the final outcome is so stunning then! The musicianship is great and the production powerful and full with several 80s & 90s touches but not dated whatsoever. The album was produced by singer Tobias Gustavsson, mixed by Sebastian Forslund (The Night Flight Orchestra) and mastered by Thomas “Plec” Johansson at The Panic Room.

Nestor also cooperated with the eminent songwriter Andreas Carlsson (Bon Jovi, Europe, Paul Stanley and others) on the songwriting part. Moreover the album features the 80s icon Samantha Fox on the epic power ballad “Tomorrow” in a duet with Tobias, which was the third and the last single (and video) they released prior to the album release. The first single was “On the Run”, which made a big fuzz around their name, as more and more rock fans started searching for them on the web. After a while the second single and video for “1989” came out and everyone was enthusiastic about the debut album from this newcomer, which was proven to be not such of a newcomer in the end!

“Kids in a Ghost Town” is full of catchy songs, strong musicianship and sing-along choruses. For instance “Perfect 10 (Eyes like Demi Moore)” is one of those classic melodic rock hits that people will listen to for years to come. It’s an album that every band would like to have released, especially nowadays that mediocrity is in every part of the music industry. “Kids in a Ghost Town” is an album that you do not come across every day, so do yourselves a favor and get it in no time. These guys not only know how to rock but also how to write some amazing catchy melodies. This album is one of the main competitors for the “Best Album of 2021” for sure!