Michael Bormann’s Jaded Hard - Feels Like Yesterday

Michael Bormann’s Jaded Hard Feels Like Yesterday cover
Michael Bormann’s Jaded Hard
Feels Like Yesterday
RMB Records
German vocalist Michael Bormann was the frontman for Jaded Heart from the 90s to the middle of the 00s. He’s a gifted vocalist, who’s also surfaced on a variety of other bands and projects (Letter X, Bonfire, JR Blackmore, Zeno, Bloodbound and others), and while Jaded Heart moved into a more hard & heavy direction with a new vocalist, Bormann for the most part did stay true to his melodic roots, with some solo albums, but also many collaborative albums and one off albums.
Now, I find the idea of calling this project, “Jaded Hard” tacky at best and while in all honesty I care little about non MB fronted JH; I’d have taken much better to it, if it came out as another “solo” album. That being said, I’d say that after touring some of his favorite JH material, since 2017, Bormann’s newest offering is indeed inspired. Hard edged rockers, with overflowing melodies and Borrman, on fire (not literally!)…
“Feel Like I’m Living” is a sultry mid paced, pumping opener, that as soon it gets to the chorus strikes gold… I must say it’s sing-alongs and general style, even evoked a bit of Letter X, which ain’t bad, as Bormann seems to be really revisiting almost all styles that he’s touched upon in the past…
The title track feels like the best song Bon Jovi hasn’t written in years, with sublime melodies and a smooth as butter vocal melody.
“Won’t Surrender” is torn between being “harder” edged and crazy melodic with Bormann really singing with impeccable gusto and true grit… awesome and comparable with the best moments of Mr Big balladry.
“Bring Me Higher Love” feels pretty “American” to my ears and its big celebratory vibe is just a pleasure to my ears.
“We’d Still Make It” is a huge piano ballad, which just tugs on one’s heart strings and plays em like a bloody harp… this is what’s sorely missing from today’s plastic, fast food music that tries to project without experiencing. That’s fantasy… this is the return to fantasy, to quote the great Brits.
“Mr. Mysterious” is no Vanessa Amorossi cover and it’s got a super tasty guitar/key riff-along that makes it also Mr. Irresistable…
“Good Times” hits hard and Borrman is more guttural/still always melodic, but belting out,grittier lines in a nice contrast over the rest of the material, with a laid back American-Scandi style. Super!
“Just One More Step Away” is an exciting, melodic rocker, which begins with a huge acapella chanting out of the chorus, just further shuffling up the deck, so as not to serve the same hand twice.
“Don’t You Ever Leave” mellows things down, being a ballad, but it also sees Bormann belting, like his life depends on it… oh well…
“I Am a Song of a Gun” is edgier, harder and heavier, and sort of looks the post JH output in the eye and just winks…
“Shout It All Out” has you expecting a party rock anthem, title wise, but instead is a brooding mid-tempo package with awesome vocals and an impressive solo.
The only song that I didn’t quite get is “Everybody is a Rock Star”; I mean, I understand where it’s coming from – it’s meant to be a cool, breezy carefree sing-along sort of tune to get crowds to sing-along, but key wise it just feels “weird” and I could have done without it.
Still we’re taking about probably one of the better albums in Bormann’s impressive and rich discography, (some 30-40 albums in as many years of activity?) that finds him in fine form and easily and single handedly bests whatever Jaded Heart did without him (which is several albums). Stupendously good… unmissable, if you appreciate good hard rock!