Lord - Digital Lies

Lord Digital Lies cover
Digital Lies
Dominus Records
We should not leave Australia out of the metal game for it keeps shouting, especially lately, that is here stronger than ever! During the last years, the Australian bands are growing bigger not only by the numbers. It’s not that Australia hasn’t always been a considerable metal force or anything like that.
Lord are not a stranger to most metal fans. They started out in 2005 after Dungeon officially called it a day, although their debut album was released in 2003. At that time Lord was something like Tim’s solo project. It was after Dungeon that they became a brand new band at large. Three years after the successful “Set in Stone”, Lord are back with a new member on their ranks. The original drummer Tim Yatras has taken his own way with Germ, and this time it is Damian Costas who’s behind the drum kit. It seems that this band needs to have a Greek drummer no matter what!
“Digital Lies” grabs you by the [email protected] as soon as you press play. Lord are not joking at all. Forceful pounding rhythm section, heavy guitars, shredding solos (when it is needed), melodic leads, prog touches, epic passages, catchy hooks (polyphonic refrains at times) along with a concrete, tight & crunchy production! What’s not to like?! Tim Lord is responsible for this excellent sound as well as for the songwriting. Heavy/power metal music with attitude, melodies, heaviness, quality and imagination... an exciting amalgamation, which makes “Digital Lies” the band’s finest work to date! With each new step they progress & grow better. They truly hit the spot with this album! Lord should enjoy more recognition & popularity among the metal fans cuz’ they have been performing on a high level for years now. The dark artwork was designed by Felipe Machado Franco (Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Rhapsody, Iron Savior etc.).
I won’t separate any songs out of this for you will be excited – and be sure about that – for the next hour or so by this album overall. Even the two bonus tracks, “The Richest Man” & “Footsteps in the Sand”, which are taken and re-recorded from “A Personal Journey” in 2003, are very strong. The three actors/narrators, Jack Fairweather (Evil Doctor on “Incipio” & “Digital Lies”), Luke Reeves (on “Battle of Venarium”) & Amylea Griffin (Victorian Stage-hand on “The Last Encore”) are there to offer intensity and an impressive feeling to the final outcome. I’ve been listening to this album since I got it and I’ll have a hard time to stop playin’ it! If this album was out by a major label (with the appropriate support & advertising) then the heavy/power metal followers would go crazy over it. Do yourselves a favor and get this album in no time. “Digital Lies” is, undoubtedly, one of the top heavy/power metal albums of 2013…