Les Friction - Dark Matter

Les Friction Dark Matter cover
Les Friction
Dark Matter
Mariposa Lane Music Inc./ Would Work Sound LLC
I’ve been longing for this album for some 5 years now. Finally, the guys from Les Friction returned with the second part of the story that began on their homonymous debut. The second part of the story takes place in 2051 AD. Dark Matter is growing to consume the universe’s home dimension. While traveling to other dimensions to escape their realities at home, people’s soulless human shells remain on Earth – leaving the planet in shambles. Three children (two brothers and a girl) with extraordinary genes have been selected for a mission to stop Earth’s destruction and return it to its natural state. But after preparing for years together, this make-shift family’s fight to save the home dimension is threatened by an unexpected force.
The lyrics on each one of the 10 tracks talk about every phase these 3 children are going through in order to stop the destruction and save Earth. So, it’s very crucial to read the lyrics when listening to each track, if you wanna get into the story and feel the music’s deeper essence. That’s why there’s a special page on the band’s official site where you can listen to every track and read the lyrics at the same time… very good idea indeed.
Musically, the album is intense, atmospheric, moody, stimulated and esoteric in a way. That space travel and the efforts to avoid the planet’s destruction are accurately imprinted on the lyrics but also in the music in a very distinct and splendid way. The guest appearances of Emily Valentine on “I Remember”, and the famous Lara Fabian on “You Always Knew”, make the whole musical and lyrical concept even more intense. Their performances are simply exceptional on the whole.
I’m kinda sure that the story will not end here, but I also hope to have the next musical and lyrical chapter sooner than the previous one. Anyhow, “Dark Matter” is a worthy successor of the homonymous debut and it proves that this musical trio can do great things when they get together. Give yourself a chance and listen to the whole album without any interference from start to finish, while reading the lyrics and you will be “transferred” to a spacy dimension after a while. “Dark Matter” is an album that can be “experienced” as a whole, when it has the full attention by the listener…