Kissin’ Dynamite - Ecstasy

Kissin’ Dynamite Ecstasy cover
Kissin’ Dynamite
Metal Blade Records
Sometimes a change is for the good and other times it is not. It depends on certain reasons each time. This time Kissin’ Dynamite hit the spot by signing to Metal Blade Records, one of the biggest metal labels globally. I think that the whole thing worked for their own benefit since they also released their best album to date, in my opinion.
First things first, “Ecstasy”, as the title suggests is an album full of power that will make you ecstatic and content, while listening to it. The blending of hard rock with melodic metal is very successful. The tracks have big hooks that will stick in your mind from the very first listen. I caught up myself “silently singing” the chorus of “You’re not Alone” on the very first time that I played the album. It’s not something that usually happens, but that thing made me lay back and enjoy the rest of the album without dealing with anything else. There’s something for everyone here and your favorite tracks will change depending on how many times you listen to the album. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t miss tracks such as “I’ve Got the Fire”, “You’re not Alone”, “Ecstasy” (featuring Anna Brunner from Exit Eden), “Still Around”, “Superhuman”, “Break the Silence”, “Waging War” and “Heart of Stone” (check out also the amazing orchestral version)… then again you can’t go wrong with any of the tracks here. Still, everyone has their own favorites. Even the bonus tracks are very good.
“Ecstasy” is surely one of the best hard rock albums of 2018… every rock/metal fan, who fancies big anthemic hooks, will dig this release, no matter what. Kissin’ Dynamite have entered the rock premier league with “Ecstasy” and now it’s on their hand to go on from there and grow even bigger.