Khymera - The Grand Design

Khymera The Grand Design cover
The Grand Design
Frontiers Music Srl
I’d never thought I’d hear from Khymera again, since 7 years have passed from the previous album, “The Greatest Wonder”. The band took a different road when the renowned producer, songwriter & bassist Dennis Ward stepped in, on the second album “A New Promise” in 2005.
Nowadays, Khymera is a totally “new music project” since all the members are participating in this album for the first time. Analytically, there’s: Michael Klein (Wicked Sensation, First Signal, S.I.N.) on guitars, Eric Ragno (Talon, Takara, Los Angeles, Bonrud) on keyboards, Jim Rybkost on piano & keyboards, Felix Bohnke (Edguy, Taraxacum) on drums and Pete Newdeck on backing vocals. I do not think that any fan should have any second thoughts regarding the new line-up, right?! Moreover, as Dennis stated, this is the first time that no outside songwriters were involved in this project. Dennis along with Paul Logue and the new band members are responsible for the album tracks. Of course, Dennis is the mastermind behind Khymera and apart from the songwriting, he has also produced the album, which sounds awesome in every part. Dennis is also a great producer but that ain’t something new for those who are into hard rock and metal music.
I think that I have forgotten how good a vocalist Dennis is as well… but after listening to “The Grand Design” for several times, I can’t help but feel just astounded by his wonderful vocal abilities. If you haven’t heard Dennis sing before, then you’re going in for a surprise; if you have listened to the previous Khymera albums, then you’ll expect something good from Dennis, but he sounds too damn amazing in this album!
“The Grand Design” is an utterly melodic rock/AOR. It follows the path of those 80s and 90s melodic rock/AOR albums that we all still love but with a contemporary sound and essence. Tracks like “Never Give Up on You”, “I Believe”, “A Night to Remember”, “Streetlights”, “Who’s Fooling Who” and “Where is the Love” will enthuse all the melodic rock/AOR devotees. Now before the end of 2015, Khymera takes the bet with the release of the exceptional “The Grand Design”. Get this album should you fancy melodic rock/AOR music with catchy hooks… so simple!