Khymera - Master of Illusions

Khymera Master of Illusions cover
Master of Illusions
Frontiers Music srl
Although Khymera started out as a music project between Italian producer/musician, Daniele Liverani and then Kansas singer Steve Walsh, it developed differently when vocalist, bassing, producer and songwriter Dennis Ward (Unisonic, ex-Pink Cream 69) stepped in the second album, and after that it turned out to be his own music project.
Dennis is always there, writing music and producing, giving the best of himself in every project or band he’s been part of. He couldn’t have done otherwise for Khymera’s new album, “Master of Illusions”, which is released 5 years after “The Grand Design”. The new album features Michael Klein on guitar, Eric Ragno on keyboards (both on “The Grand Design”) and the new member Pete Newdeck on drums. Dennis did the recordings (apart from some parts that were recorded at the musicians’ home studios), the mixing and the mastering of the album. As expected he did an amazing job on the production, as the sound is crystal clear, full and dynamic at the same time.
“Master of Illusions” is an amazing melodic rock/AOR album on the whole. It has elements from all the previous Khymera albums and in general it is inspired by all the major melodic rock/AOR acts of the previous decades. Dennis (as stated – more here), started working on the tracks from scratch, so everything has been written especially for this album, without using any “old demos” whatsoever. Brand new music for all the melodic rock/AOR lovers out there from one of the masterminds of the genre. There are many great tracks to sink your teeth into and it would be better not to make any special references… there’s no way not to find your personal favorites after a couple of listens.
“Master of Illusions” is surely one of the best melodic rock/AOR releases of 2020! All the fans, who like this kind of music, will revel in this album no matter what! Well done!