Freedom Call - Master of Light

Freedom Call Master of Light cover
Freedom Call
Master of Light
Almost every couple of years Freedom Call releases a new full-length album and offers joy to their loyal fans mostly. So, late 2016 is the time when “Master of Light” sees the light of day and all I can say is that you can hardly go wrong with Freedom Call. Even though I wasn’t so much satisfied with the previous “Beyond”, the guys managed to vanish any second thoughts I had with the new album, “Master of Light”… so easily! Some fancy the album artwork, some not… personally speaking, the band has never lost its sense of humor not only in the music part but also in the graffix one.
Largely, the album is full of fine tracks with sing-along choruses, riffy guitars, harmonious keys and powerful rhythm sections. The first single “Hammer of the Gods” has a little “I Want Out” in it and there’s no chance not to relish it. Furthermore, “Metal is for Everyone”, with the very funny video, is exactly what the title says: “Metal is for Everyone… Strongest than the Law”, what more can I say!?? A new metal hymn under the band’s belt! “Master of Light” is as wonderful as any title track should be… especially those “master, master” “call outs” – what could that bring to one’s mind huh?! “Cradle of Angels” is a ballad that many heavy/power metal bands would wish they could write. “Emerald Skies” is the typical power metal track with a big chorus that few power metal bands can deliver these dayz! Hooray! The same goes for the power metal tracks “A World Beyond”, “Kings Rise and Fall” & “Hail the Legend” that are very gratifying and also have some quite strong choruses. The rockin’ “Rock the Nation” is simply magnificent with its sing-along chorus… “Let the good times rock the nation… Let the good times rock the night… Keep the bad times out of sight”! “Riders in the Sky” is a speed/power metal track, with a memorable chorus, that you’re gonna fancy a lot. Freedom Call can easily be heavy when they want to! “Ghost Ballet” is the weirdest track on the album, with some modern electro/trance touches here & there. The guys are not afraid to experiment as they are open-minded in general. The joyful “High Up” closes the album in a rather positive & amusing way.
The album was recorded at the band’s own Little Sun Creek Lounge studio near Nuremberg, with Chris Bay and Stephan Ernst, who co-produced it. The production is top-notch in every part. This album was made to be played to the max!
Freedom Call, without ever taking themselves very seriously, they are not joking at all. They are not your average power metal band; instead they have embellished the “melodic power metal music” with their “own character”, as one can easily tell that a track is theirs by simply listening to a few notes. Some call it “happy metal”, but apart from any “tags”, I can’t tell the difference from “melodic power metal”, as “power metal” is meant to be “cheerful” and up-tempo by nature. Nonetheless, “Master of Light” is a wonderful power metal album, one of the best for 2016, and it will surely delight all those fans who are into this kind of music and do not take themselves too friggin seriously…