Freedom Call - Land of the Crimson Dawn

Freedom Call Land of the Crimson Dawn cover
Freedom Call
Land of the Crimson Dawn
This release marks a whole new era for Freedom Call… it’s the first album without the co-founder and drummer Dan Zimmermann, who was replaced by Klaus Sperling (ex-Sinner & ex-Primal Fear). But this is not the only change here… Freedom Call did embellish their Euro-power metal music with various rock & roll and 80s hard rock/heavy metal elements… thus, the album has become a little more varied and interesting. 
Power metal music was once very popular – especially in Europe, but all those bands from the late 80s/early 90s followed the same formula for many years… making it difficult to differentiate from each other and only a few managed to overcome this and separate themselves from the thousand other companions.
Freedom Call was one of the promising newcomers in the late 90s, but the fact that Dan formed them… created much confusion among the power metal fans. Anyway, the thing is that “Eternity” (2002) is the best release of the band up to date and a great power metal album overall, but before you draw any fast conclusions about the new album, just keep in mind that the new elements they’ve added to their music fit the band’s Teutonic power metal wonderfully… making “Land of the Crimson Dawn” the best work of Freedom Call since “Eternity”!
The album contains 14 songs… that’s almost one hour of metal music… so the power metal freaks will get their doses with songs like: “Age of the Phoenix”, “Crimson Dawn”, “66 Warriors”, “Back Into the Land of Light”, “Valley of Kingdom”, “Terra Liberty” & “Space Legends”… likewise those (like myself) that like their heavy/power metal music diversified will enjoy songs such as: “Sun in the Dark”, “Hero on Video” (what a hilarious video - so 80s hair metal... it will surely surprise many of you), “Killer Gear” (very smart use of harsh vocals), “Rockin’ Radio” (this song along with “Hero on Video” have a Steel Panther temper - can’t you feel it?), “Eternity” (this tune has a heavy, melodic, goth-like sense) and “Power & Glory” (terrific heavy metal hymn with smart lyrics and a funny attitude). Needless to say, the production is flawless… very powerful and heavy and all the performances are magnificent. You won’t find any mediocre songs here.
I know it’s very brave to promote your new album with a song that shows the humorous side of the band (“Hero on Video”) and it’s not representing the music of the album in any case, but I like it… and that’s what made me more keen on listening to “Land of the Crimson Dawn”. If you’re not bogged and you like changes in mood… in music… in yourself… then “Land of the Crimson Dawn” will make your day… this ain’t just another excellent power metal album… it is even better with those different musical references added. It’s been a while since I actually enjoyed a heavy/power metal album...