Fischer’s Flicker - Katmandon’t

Fischer’s Flicker Katmandon’t cover
Fischer’s Flicker
Independent Release
Scott Fischer is a music vagabond… travelling around the scene since his teenage days. He’s been in quite a few bands and has given several live shows here and there. Scott came up with the Fischer’s Flicker idea some time ago and has some known members by his side like: Mario Licciardi and Tim Kubiak on guitar, Turan Yon on bass and Tim Gavin on drums. Additionally there’s a bunch of guest performances, in the album, by an impressive roster of Chicago musicians such as: Kevin Becker on bass, Steve Langelan on drums, Michael Dttge on guitars, Keith Betti on guitars & ukulele, Tim Gavin on drums, Andy Sviatko on bass, Cathy Starr on violin, Tim Clyde on guitars, Ted Clyde on backing vocals, Charlie Cossey on pedal steel and David Purdy on sax. Yeah, that’s a rather big list, isn’t it?!
“Katmandon’t”, with the hilarious cover artwork, had been in making for almost 7 years. Scott has written, engineered & produced the album except for singing & playing the piano, the guitars and the rest. The album’s music is kinda hard to be described, although I would call it something like a piano based rock with various 70s orientations every now and then. It has that sweet, warm & beautiful sound some albums used to have back in the 70s… with smart orchestrations, wonderful piano themes & classy melodies.
“Katmandon’t” needs several spins if you wanna get it. It may be smooth and laid-back to someone’s ears but its “peculiar” & refined harmonies… are enough to make one’s day. You can definitely play this album all day long. It’s not one of these albums that need their time & place. For example, take the incredibly tuneful “Death of a Dutchman” or my beloved “Three Little Secrets”, which lasts about 9 minutes. Apart from the funny cover artwork, which I fancy, there’s a musical maturity and quality in “Katmandon’t”… something that’s apparent throughout the album.