Fatal Fusion - Total Absence

Fatal Fusion
Total Absence
Karisma Records
I remember that I enjoyed the band’s second album, “The Ancient Tale”, which was released in 2013. I was looking forward to the Norwegian progsters’ new studio album. Their (70s) prog rock music that has many jazz/rock, jazz/fusion, atmospheric rock, blues-rock, hard rock, classical rock, space rock, psychedelic & symphonic prog elements has proven to be stirring for once again.
This time the album features 7 tracks and it lasts about 56 minutes. The instrumental tracks, like “Astral Flight”, are very gratifying, but it’s the long tracks (check out the longest “Endless Ocean Blue” & “Total Absence”), that have made Fatal Fusion known for. It ain’t that easy to blend all your influences in a track and keep the listener’s interest from start to finish, without becoming boring at any part, but Fatal Fusion seems to have found the right way to make it. Another strong part of theirs is the nice melodies that they have used on all their songs, along with the atmospheric passages. It’s a fact that “Total Absence” showcases a more atmospheric & darker side of the band. Those who fancy atmospheric & a bit dark prog rock music will revel in this album with every new listen and that’s something that I fancy about this band. They always give you something extra to sink your teeth into. The production is lush & crystal clear with a contemporary twist.
Fatal Fusion have made a step forward with “Total Absence”. It ain’t that easy to progress as a band and as songwriters but that’s what progressive music is all about. “Total Absence” is an album that needs time and listens so as to feel it deeply and get every little musical detail. Due to its melodic nature “Total Absence” can be listened to, with no trouble, even by those who are not into prog rock music. As for the prog freaks, they will fully relish it. All things considered, “Total Absence” is an astonishing atmospheric prog rock album, one of the best for 2016 and it should add Fatal Fusion to the prog rock “premier league” of our time…