Dewa Budjana - Hasta Karma

Dewa Budjana Hasta Karma cover
Dewa Budjana
Hasta Karma
MoonJune Records
I’ve become a fan of Dewa Budjana as soon as I listened to “Joged Kahyangan” and reviewed it. From that very moment, I follow Dewa on each music step he takes and still I’m amazed by his creativity, his talent and his artistic musical approach. I do know that this ain’t an “easy to digest music”, so I can understand those people who cannot go further into it.
There are two ways to listen to this kind of music. One is to listen to it while doing something else and have it playing on the background. Surely, you won’t remember a damn note afterwards and you won’t ever feel the urge to play it again. The other way is to try to feel it by following the musical variations. That of course requires your full attention, time and spirituality. I know it ain’t easy to get but when it is done then a whole new music world is there to be revealed for your own eyes, heart and mind.
Dewa’s approach is very smooth, atmospheric & emotional on the whole. The rhythm and music alterations are there to drive you into new music-scapes and not to “show-off” as many musicians do these days. That amalgam of prog rock, jazz-rock, & jazz/fusion with ethnic elements is totally enchanting when it is delivered with the apt feeling of its creators.
This time Dewa has the legendary NYC vibraphonist, Joe Locke, the upright bassist Pat Metheny and the extraordinary maestro drummer, Antonio Sanchez by his side. Along comes the renowned Indonesian keyboardist, Indra Lesmana on piano and melodica. On “Ruang Dialisis”, Jro Ktut Sidemen does the vocals. It’s to wonder how Dewa can cooperate so accurately with every new musician on each new album. This guy can play with anyone… as long as they are at least of the same skill level. The production once again is amazing, gentle and crystal clear. The album was recorded by Randy Crafton at the Kaleidsocope Sounds Studio in Union City, NJ, mixed by Robert Feist at Ravenswork Studio, Los Angeles, mastered by Robert Feist & Mark Fuller and produced by Dewa Budjana.
“Hasta Karma” is a magnificent, idealistic, gentle and animated album at large. The mystique cover art complements the album’s music ideally. Each track will travel you to different music-scapes along the way… just give it time and devoutness. Dewa did his magic tricks for once more and succeeded in delivering an imaginative and stimulating album anew…