David A Saylor - Ship to Nowhere

David A Saylor Ship to Nowhere cover
David A Saylor
Ship to Nowhere
AOR Blvd.
David A Saylor is back in almost a year after “Built 2 Fight” with his new album “Ship to Nowhere”. Apart from an amazing vocalist, David is also a fruitful songwriter and a dedicated AOR devotee. His love and devotion to AOR music is undeniable and he tries to show it in every possible way he can and every so often.
“Ship to Nowhere” is an album which blends the best elements from David’s previous solo works together. AOR, melodic rock, West Coast and pop/rock music is delivered wonderfully so as to quench our thirst. On top of that there’s David’s amazing “raspy” voice which makes the whole outcome even more enthralling. How easily a good track can be turned into a great one when it is sung by an exceptional vocalist and the opposite! The sound is fresh and full overall. The album was recorded at Front Room Studios in Birmingham, UK, mixed and mastered by Rob Hewins and produced by David himself.
I really fancy how the album starts with the wonderful instrumental “Tempest” that takes you right away into the homonymous track, “Ship to Nowhere”, which is one of the best tracks David has ever written. Then there’s the great vocalist Phil Bates (Atlantic – do check their debut “Power”), who is dueting with David on the splendid “We Won’t Sacrifice”… the emotive “Open Door” comes right after, and I think I must stop here cuz I’ll make a track by track presentation and that’s not what I meant in the first place. I’ll better let David do that. Other guests/participants on the album are: Rob Hewins on drums, Paul Pryor on bass, Brett Hammond & Ray Hatfield (ex-Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash) on additional guitar solos, Jon Dewsbury on keyboards and Erika Jones, Cristian Antonio & Romany May on backing vocals.
David is a hard working musician, who likes to evolve no matter what. He doesn’t stay on safe waters and he always moves forward. He’s one of the most underrated vocalists & songwriters on the AOR/melodic rock scene, but that doesn’t seem to bother him or to affect his work at all. After all, he delivers the music he fancies without making any compromises of any kind. “Ship to Nowhere” is the best & the most mature solo album that David has released to date and I’m telling you so for I have listened to all his 5 solo works (with the EP) thoroughly all these years. If this album had a better promotion or it had been released by one of the “big” music labels which promotes this kind of music, then things would have been really different… either way you see it it’s never too late to “discover” one of the top AOR/melodic rock albums of 2016 and one of the greatest vocalists on the genre…