Crobot - Motherbrain

Crobot Motherbrain cover
Mascot Records
In the three years since their album “Welcome to Fat City”, Crobot have nurtured a heavier, darker side to their familiar stoner-related approach. The result is this montage of tracks which mixes in Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots, as much as it dabs into the classic rock influences that has always been part of their style.
Vocalist Brandon Yeagley and guitarist Chris Bishop are empathic, combining as a psychedelic, “trippy” mind melting rhythms of “Stoning the Devil” and the ghostly melodies of “Gasoline”.
“The Hive” gave itself to an eerie entrance, slamming into a blues rock anthem and slipping back into the eerie verse. A really great transition between musical emotions.
The single “Low Life”, with its flashy chorus and a subtle shout against misgiving that hides in the darkest part of our minds. We all had an anxious episode at one point. This song drives the rest of the record, for sure.
“Alpha Dawg” has that feeling of a jam night on a Thursday night, except…
It’s Crobot... enough said! Love the album guys, love this darker version. As Brian Yeagley stated, “It’s a lot darker of an album, it’s a lot heavier of an album, but at the same time we kind of tore down the walls and took the reins off”. Crobot truly let go of its typical stoner rock familiarity. There’s a ton of emotion in this album... a must listen!