Cea Serin - Where Memories Combine

Cea Serin Where Memories Combine cover
Cea Serin
Where Memories Combine
Heaven Cross
This band comes from the US and this is their debut album... and I can tell you that we need such refreshing efforts in our music. The album is a positive surprise at all aspects: from the artistic artwork, the packaging, to the production and basically to the music it contains.
Good aesthetics, inspiration and attitude are the elements of this progressive metal diamond. Cea Serin works as a giant mill that manages to digest all possible influences, from Spanish music (folk elements) to heavy metal and symphonic relics. The band manages to deliver an amazing progressive metal album, based on guitars, in the vein of Eternity X, Leviathan... but I’m telling you that you’d better listen for yourselves to understand what is going on here, as Cea Serin manages to deliver really good music.
The band seems to have worked on the songs for hours and hours to deliver such complete compositions. I seriously believe that this band along with Mindflow are the two biggest surprises in prog metal this year. Congratulations!!