3D In Your Face - Lost in the Volume

3D In Your Face Lost in the Volume cover
3D In Your Face
Lost in the Volume
Independent Release
I must admit that I took to these Omaha rockers previous album “Midnight Devils” quite favorably, when it was released a few years ago. Some three years later they follow it up with “Lost in the Volume”. They recorded a good portion of the album “live” and then laid over lead and vocals over the rest afterwards, which might not entirely help with clarity but also gives them an incredible “live” perfect/imperfection and edge… a more thumbing lively sound, much akin to bands like say Twisted Sister and the like. Spunky, glam-ful and hard edged their “commercial” heavy metal is not bad at all. They had to suffer a drummer change, because of a quite demanding touring schedule that the band has, but things sound quite alright I guess, all things considered.
The band manages to combine Cheap Trick and Van Halen along with a bit of the “strip” sound, but in a fun Quiet Riot type of way with maybe a bit of Joan Jett and Ramones thrown in – by the way that’s a JJ album on the cover – oops! Now while the production on this “un” is not absolutely on par with “Midnight Devils”, despite sounding more organic and they seem to have probably focused on one of them singing instead of several guys, things are a small step down from their almost instaclassic predecessor, but not to the point where you’d be turned off with songs like “Moscow Queen” and a few others, actually being good fun. Give their new album a spin for sure and definitely check out “Midnight Devils” if you haven’t heard it.