Max And The Stereo Films release music video for new single “Golden Gaze”

Max And The Stereo Films band pic
“Golden Gaze” is the brand new single from Max And The Stereo Films, taken from the band's brand new album “The Cow Divorced Me”.

Hailing from Kaliningrad, Russia, “Golden Gaze” was a hit single for Ian Brown and this exciting new version features Angus Wallace (Prodigy), who added his programming along with Mike Bennett (Wishbone Ash, Alan Keary, Intastella, Jah Wobble) on production.

Loved by young college girls and wise professors, intellectuals and hipsters, guys from pubs and homebirds. The music of the cold space and warm journeys, romantic guitar ballade and inspirational choreo, and it is all about StereoFilm, the most British phenomenon on the Kaliningrad independent stage.

Watch the video below.

People wanted to fall in love and dance, wanted to listen Britpop music and feel the British atmosphere in Neman, the town in the Kaliningrad region on the border with Lithuania. It was the reason of Max + The Stereofilms history beginning in 1999. After trying their music in the East part of the region they decided to take Kaliningrad by storm.

“Dark and deviant sounding with convincing, razor sharp, concrete crisp post punk guitars...” Tony Gleed, Dublin Castle.

Mike Bennett – producer:
“I really enjoyed working on Jane. The electronic textures remind me of industrial Manchester but with soaring dreamscapes from Russia Max And The Stereo Films have been a great experience for me as it is Russia merging with Manchester in a way that is most creative”.

Max And The Stereo Films came to the attention of producer Mike Bennett when he was contacted mysteriously by Ольга Крылова (Olga Krylova), who explained that the group had followed the Manchester scene and enjoyed tracks Bennett had been violent such as Golden Gaze by Stone Roses front man Ian Brown and various tracks by Freak Party a.k.a. The Smiths. Bennett who has also worked with Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols, Jah Wobble, Intastella, The Fall , BMX bandits, Sham 69 and many more drafted and featured artist Simon Wolstencroft Who worked with early incarnations of the Smiths and the Stone Roses a.k.a. the Patrol and the Fall. Augmenting Simon Wolstencroft is up-and-coming string arranger and electronic artist Alan Button'iKeary Who is worked with various members of the Smiths including Craig Gannon and Mike Joyce as well as Nick McCabe of the Verve and Gorillaz.

“I love the Manchester Russian hybrid, When I first heard it I thought of Joy Division. But I realise these guys are going to voice of their own. Out of all the young bands I've ever worked with these guys are simply the best”.

Maxim Naffeev, frontman of the band explains:
“We performed in England for the first time last year. The atmosphere is quite different  from what we’ve experienced in Russia. The opening acts we had in UK were better than us, I can admit  that. There was this guy from Sheffield Nicholas Aslam and an American band that played garage rock. I was really nervous about the whole thing, but they’ve been really supportive and the audience responded very well. The anxiety eventually went away during the performance and we had a great time playing live.

The new album emerging from Kaliningrad is going to be released physically both in UK and Russia. Mike Bennett has a contract with Universal music and he can release the records through them. We don’t have certain dates reserved for release, though. Our approach differs a bit from what they have in UK. It is more complex out there. Max Single from a legendary Kaliningrad band GuitarsStereo works with us and if he has to re-write, record, master or mix something, he just goes to his home studio and does it. In UK that is not the way to do things. If you have to do something you’ve got to book a huge studio, it costs money and you have to wait in order to work there. Their approach is more complex and solid. You have to go to the studio plug in a lot of gear there and bring in people to work on it”.

Max Nafeev - Vocals, guitar
Olga Krylova - Keyboards
Artyom Groshev - Drums
Evgenii Ilin - Bass guitar