Killrazer to release debut full-length album “The Burial Begins” on November 12th 2021

Killrazer The Burial Begins cover
Thrashing from the depths from the hot Australian wasteland rises this iconic inferno with an uplifting brutal blend of Heavy Metal played with furious veracity and an uncompromising attack in the Australian Heavy Metal scene.

Killrazer with their latest assault “The Burial Begins” with 10 outstanding smashing tracks featuring guest Ripper Owens alongside on an awesome cover track. Killrazer features members from (Dark Order, Grungeon, Devine Eelectric, etc.). This is an album that will blow your face apart with its heavy intensity. The debut full-length album will be unleashed on November 12th, 2021, via Battlegod Productions.
Killrazer have also been a major Australian support  band for bands in the likes of Malevolent Creation, Dismember, Children Of Bodom, Vader, Sodom, Destruction. Also they were the touring band for Paul Dianno and Tim Ripper Owens.

01. Stations of the Cross
02  Salt in the Wounds
03. Suicide Command
04. The Legions
05. Sunken
06. Seven Years
07. Unleash Hell
08. Silence Your Insolence
09. Burn in Hell
10. The Burial Begins

Doug Dalton - Guitar & Vocals
Zoran Mrakic - Bass
Josh Brazewell - Drums
Jimmy Lardner-Brown - Guitars