Juniper Grave to release debut album “Of Hellions & Harridans” on December 7th 2018

Juniper Grave Of Hellions & Harridans cover
Edinburgh based witch-rock band Juniper Grave have announced the release of their hotly anticipated debut album titled “Of Hellions & Harridans”!

Formed in 2016 peddling their unique brand of occult rock with strong tinges of the doom, Juniper Grave have quickly grown their coven of fans at live shows, such as in support of Dystopian Future Movies or Church Of The Cosmic Skull, and progressed towards the album writing at the start of 2018.

This summer, Juniper Grave entered the Chamber Studio in Edinburgh to record their debut album “Of Hellions & Harridans”, which is set for a release with Wasted State Records on December 7th, 2018!

“After two years of weaving and crafting we can't wait to share our stories of warrior women and accursed souls with the world”, says the band. “The themes, although fantastical, embody our ethos of empowerment and sisterhood and we are really proud of these seven songs of ruin and revenge”.

1. The Forest
2. A Trick of the Light
3. Daughters of the Waves
4. The Bridge Between Worlds
5. Dance of the Daemon Queen
6. Lunar Calling
7. Rest with Your Dead (Faoiltighearna)

Coming as Vinyl, CD and Digital Download, the album pre-order is now available here.

UK Live Shows 2018:
07/12/18 – St Mark’s, Edinburgh
08/12/18 – Yorkshire House, Lancaster
09/12/18 – Temple of Boom, Leeds
13/12/18 – Nice n Sleazy, Glasgow
14/12/18 – Little Building, Newcastle

Jenni - Lead Vocals and Organ
Shonagh - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Sarah - Bass and Backing Vocals
Jason - Drums