Heimdalls Wacht to release new studio album “Geisterseher” on October 14th 2016

Heimdalls Wacht Geisterseher cover
A warning sign and a lamentation... invoking what once was and never will be again!

German Black Metallers Heimdalls Wacht will release their new album “Geisterseher” on October 14th, 2016, via Trollzorn!

The album was produced at renowned Stage One Studio by Andy Classen (Krisiun, Asphyx, Belphegor etc.) and offers the band's best material to date with a professional sound standard which doesn't conflict with their true oldschool underground attitude.

Furthermore the new and second singer Skjeld, known from Nytkalgia, pushes the boundaries of the former Heimdalls Wacht sound to a new dimension with his scene known extreme vocals.

Clamoring wrath! Shrieking desperation! Sonic weltschmerz! Withdrawn melancholy! Be prepared...

1. Spökenkieker
2. Wir sind die Wächter
3. Der kommende Gott (Treffen mit Sabazios)
4. Scyomantia - Der Thron im Schatten
5. Tairach
6. Taedium Vitae
7. Anderswelt