Greg Marra announces the release of single “Thrust” from the forthcoming studio album “Plenty Heavy”

Greg Marra pic
Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Greg Marra announces the first single, “Thrust”, from his forthcoming album titled “Plenty Heavy”, to be distributed worldwide through all traditional on-line media outlets. The song features guest artists Jimmy D'Anda on drums, Bjorn Englen on bass and Argentine guitar hero Javi Vinas trading solos with Marra in the studio.

Self taught from age 6, Marra's love of guitar and eagerness to innovate brought him to Greg Howe at the age of 16, taking private lessons that would do more than instruct, but allow Marra to flourish his own style. By 1999, Marra was in Los Angeles supporting his passions and developing his name on the studio circuit, recording session after session with burgeoning artists on the scene. Since, Marra has become an icon to fans of instrumental music, recording his own works and performing on stage alongside artists including Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), Billy Sheehan (Winery Dogs) Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper) and Bruce Bouillet (Racer X) as well as recording with a long list of comparable talents.

Marra is no stranger to bringing high caliber talents to work alongside him in the studio. His freshman effort in 2004 was an instrumental album recorded with drummer Glen Sobel that made critics and guitar aficionados stand up and ask, “Who is this guy and why haven't I heard of him?”. Over the next 8 years the world would both see and hear of Marra as he toured and recorded with literally hundreds of artists as well as performed clinics for DiMarzio Pick-ups and Xotic Effects.

In 2012, Marra recorded his sophomore album, adding vocals from Andrew Freeman (Lynch Mob) and recorded tracks with drummers Ray Luzier (Korn,) Jimmy D'Anda (BulletBoys,) Joey Heredia (Stevie Wonder) and bassist Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai.) Wasting no time to keep fans fed, Marra released an instant fan favorite under the title “Lose An Ear”, recorded with Racer-X legend Bruce Bouillet and Ray Luzier once again.

While his schedule has been busy since his last album dropped, Marra is starting 2016 by taking control of his latest release and pulling back the reigns. Instead of issuing a worldwide digital release, Greg is putting the first single on-line and directing fans to hear more and legally purchase the CD directly through his official website here.

When asked why, publicist Joe Dolan shared: “In the current landscape of music releases, spreading out singles and CDs across the Internet doesn't benefit the artist's bottom line. On-line, those non-promoted links just cost the artist the majority of the sale, if it sells there at all. It's long been known that rock related guitarists are the most illegally traded and downloaded artists on the planet. By offering his CD officially through his website, fans are assured that their purchase is directly supporting the artist and that their purchased CD is an official copy, not a bootleg or a poor MP3 rip of the master source being dribbled out on low quality feeds”.

Marra engineered the new album “Plenty Heavy” featuring his guitar work alongside Bjorn Englen (Malmsteen) on bass, Jimmy D'Anda, Mike Hansen (Hurricane) and Ray Luzier on drums with other guest performers yet to be announced before the CD release. Fans will simply have to wait and see.

Marra will tour to support the release, starting with dates in Ventura County, CA in late March and will cross the nation throughout the year. Fans are urged to stay up on Marra's tour activity, CD release date and bonus details by bookmarking his official website and following his Social Media feeds for the latest updates.