Genocide Pact to release new self-titled studio album on December 3rd 2021

Genocide Pact ST cover
Genocide Pact returns with their eponymous new full-length, set for release December 3rd, 2021, via Relapse Records. An overdose of gut-wrenching death metal, “Genocide Pact” is heavy, engrossing, and undoubtedly brutal.
In advance of the record’s release, today the band unveils their new music video for “Perverse Dominion”.
Comments vocalist/guitarist Tim Mullaney on the new track: “Lyrically, this song is about how, as humans, our greatest strength is our mind - and in a world of people stepping over each other to get ahead, the mind is the first thing targeted by powerful people trying to keep you below them. Every day we are manipulated by corporations and politicians that think we are idiots - make their jobs harder and don’t be one”.

Watch the video for “Perverse Dominion”, directed by Brian Boeckman, below.

“Genocide Pact” will be released on CD, LP and digital formats. Pre-order the album here.
1. Led To Extinction
2. Perverse Dominion
3. Fossilized Future
4. Mutilated Vision
5. Deprive / Degrade
6. Purged Flesh
7. Barbaric Regression
8. Industrial Obedience
“This album reflects on the feeling of watching the world crumble while dealing with personal tragedy”, says Mullaney. True to his word, every track on “Genocide Pact” is a sonic assault brimming with palpable malaise. From the guttural screams in the album’s opener “Led to Extinction”, to the driving double bass that carries “Perverse Dominion”, and a head rattling low end on “Deprive Degrade”, “Genocide Pact” is wholly negative death metal.
The fury behind “Genocide Pact” captures the band’s collective frustrations and personal journeys through these turbulent times. “You turn on the news and see mass shootings, a global pandemic, endless war, and corporations and politicians trying to sell you bullshit”, says Mullaney. “You pick up your phone and another friend or family member has died. On top of that, you’re broke as fuck and work endlessly for a boss that doesn’t even know your name. You find yourself paranoid, pissed off, and embracing nihilism”.
Genocide Pact has learned to embrace the negativity, churning out one of 2021’s ugliest and unforgiving records.
Mike Nolan - Bass
Connor Donegan - Drums
Tim Mullaney – Guitars, vocals
Demir Soyer - Guitars