Enslaved: vote now for “Cinematic Summer Tour” Roadburn show setlist

Enslaved Roadburn show 2020 poster
Last week, Enslaved announced their Cinematic Summer Tour - an innovative digital tour comprised of three online events, in conjunction with three of Europe’s leading festivals.

Today, the band are proud to reveal details for the first event: on July 30th in collaboration with Roadburn, the tour will launch with a unique “Chronicles Of The Northbound” show.

Fans are invited to Vote Now for their five favourite Enslaved songs, to help create a career spanning set.

Vote for 5 songs new here! (voting will close Friday 12th June @ midnight PDT)

Stream the Event on 30th July @ 7pm BST / 8pm CEST, here.

Roadburn’s Artistic Director Walter Hoeijmakers stated:
“From their impromptu headlining slot at Roadburn 2008 to being an artist in residence, and Ivar as our co-curator (along with Einar Selvik), there has always been a very strong, palpable connection between Enslaved and Roadburn - artistically, musically and personally. Being able to support Enslaved on this Cinematic Summer Tour, and hosting their Chronicles Of The Northbound performance makes us feel humble, and proud as well, as it’s a testimony to our everlasting friendship. Plus, it will keep much needed shows going in these testing times, albeit virtual. It will keep us feel alive, and fuels our strength to overcome the horrible adversity we’re currently facing. Thank you so much for offering us hope and comfort through your musical journey of discovery, Enslaved”.  

Enslaved frontman Grutle Kjellson commented:
“Dear fans, first of all, thanks for the absolutely overwhelming response and excitement in connection with our latest escapades! Through hard work and cunning planning (yes, we do make cunning plans in Norway too), we have been able to set up no less than three streaming events. They will be shows with full production, and they will all be free to watch! The first one of the events "Chronicles Of The Northbound" will take place July 30th in collaboration with the mighty Roadburn Festival! This set contains songs from all eras of our 29 year long career, and we'll invite YOU to join us in the selection of the songs! From the 9th until the 12th of June you can vote for songs here. Bonus: you can have as many beers as you want, act as insane as you want (headbanging, mosh pits etc.) without being kicked out of the concert hall. You might get into trouble with your landlord, but I’m sure they’ll understand in the end. So, stay home, stay healthy and keep the flame alive! See you all online at July 30th!”.

Stay tuned for more information on this event soon...

Cinematic Summer Tour information:

July 30th - in cooperation with Roadburn, the tour starts with a “Chronicles of the Northbound” show. Fans will be invited by the festival to choose their favourite Enslaved songs to create a career spanning set. 
August 20th - the second show will be a “Below the Lights” set, presented by Beyond The Gates festival.
September 30th - the band will end their virtual tour at Summer Breeze festival with “Utgard - The Journey Within”.

Guitarist Ivar states: “"We must stick apart" is a proverb of Discordianism (a religion I might or might not have just made up) that might fit the situation we are all in now. We are all isolated in various degrees; and we all miss live music. So, we have stuck apart and with our fantastic team of super-people in management, label and booking, plus three of our best friends who happen to be the very creme de la creme of European Festivals; we are now able to present this digital festival-tour. We are already hard at work preparing sets and shows that will make this one for the (e-)books. Thank you for your support, faith in us and patience - to have fans like you is an absolute privilege. See you in the ether!”...

To give everyone the chance to be part of this completely novum in music, all three shows will be free of charge.

There will be a donation option and special merch for the Cinematic Summer Tour.

Ivar Bjørnson - Guitars 
Grutle Kjellson - Vocals
Arve “Ice Dale” Isdal - Guitar
Håkon Vinje - Keyboards, Clean Vocals
Iver Sandøy - Drums