DeGreaser to release new studio album “Astrology 101” on April 23rd 2021

DeGreaser Astrology 101 cover
Miami-based shredders, DeGreaser, announced their new full-length album “Astrology 101” will be released on April 23rd, 2021, via Starburns Industries Press.

To celebrate the announcement, DeGreaser shared the lead single “Mom’s A Capricorn” - watch the video below. The new music video features frontman Ben Katzman’s mother leading the viewer through a series of rock ‘n roll yoga poses while the band performs against a barrage of pyrotechnics and lasers. The post-punk shred set to the astrological chart may seem tongue-in-cheek, but it’s no joke to the band’s enigmatic frontman. As a child, Katzman was convinced to pursue music by his family Astrologer in order to overcome his speech and communication issues; a remedy that worked for him when seemingly nothing else would. The album - which features artwork by Juan Montoya (ex-Torche, Moon Destroys) and appearances from members of Illuminati Hotties, Potty Mouth, Colleen Green - acts as an entry-level guide into Astrology, with each sign getting its own dedicated song of a different genre.

“Astrology 101” is available for pre-order here ahead of the release on April 23rd, via Starburns Industries Press (Open Mike Eagle, Patton Oswalt), the boutique publishing division of the Emmy Award-winning animation studio, Starburns Industries who are responsible for the creation of Adult Swim series like “Moral Orel”, “Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole” and “Rick & Morty”; as well as the Academy Award-nominated animated film “Anomalisa”.

Ben Katzman may be known for running BUFU Records (Tall Juan, Free Pizza, Japanther) and his role in the seminal psych-art band, Guerilla Toss, DeGreaser is the centerpiece of his impressive creative portfolio. Over the course of its existence, the pop-metal outfit has grown an impressive following for its dynamic songwriting, diary-like songwriting, and a diverse range of expertise in the worlds of astrology, shredding, and self-improvement. DeGreaser has packed landmark venues across the United States as they’ve toured alongside acts such as Mannequin Pussy, Colleen Green, and Tall Juan.Their sponsorship with Volcom has extended to tours with many of their top surfers and skaters, as well as some of the legendary surf brand’s gnarliest content. The band’s 2018 release, the Colleen Green produced full-length Quarter Life Crisis, was met with both critical acclaim and uncompromising fan support. 

In Spring 2021, Katzman will release DeGreaser’s new full-length record, “Astrology 101”, an uproarious ode to the impact of astrology on his life. While Katzman usually writes about everyday situations, the challenge of creating a thematic album where each song encapsulates the vibes and qualities of a different astrological sign was met head-on during the writing/recording process at Starburn Industries studio in Burbank, CA. Katzman drew influence from artists like KISS and the Ramones, the vibes and attitude of Abba and Klaus Nomi, and even the famed astrologer Walter Mercado on “Astrology 101”, resulting in a true manifestation of everything Katzman loves.

1. Aries Season
2. Taurean Tactics
3. Gemini Brain
4. The Cancer Power Ballad
5. Livin’ On Leo Time
6. VirGo-Go-Go
7. Libra Lovin’ Disco
8. Sensual Scorpio’s
9. Sassittarius
10. Mom’s A Capricorn
11. Aquarian Powers
12. Pisces Transmission