City Of Lights to release debut album “Before the Sun Sets” on February 11th 2022

City Of Lights Before the Sun Sets cover
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of “Before the Sun Sets”, the upcoming debut album from City Of Lights on February 11th, 2022. 

City Of Lights is an exciting new melodic hard rock collaboration between British newcomer songwriter & guitarist Neil Austin and Greek vocal sensation Manos Fatsis (Odyssey Desperado, Hideaway).

City Of Lights was born when Austin, armed with a collection of songs inspired by the classic hard rock sounds of the 80s and the new wave of current AOR bands, began the search for a vocalist who possessed the tone, range and emotion to take the songs to the next level. After hearing Fatsis’ work on Odyssey Desperado’s “Don’t Miss the Sunset” and Hideaway’s self-titled debut, he knew he had found the right man. The two connected via Facebook and together began working on honing the songs to perfection. When the time came to find a rhythm section, Austin reached out to members of his favourite band, brothers Robin (bass) and Mats (drums) Eriksson from modern Swedish melodic rock monsters degreed and after hearing the demos, both agreed to contribute to the album.

Guest guitar soloists Nathan Doyle, Daniel Johansson (degreed), Christoffer Borg (Taste, ex-Art Nation), and Mike Kyriakou join in on the fun and the album also features appearances from Creye’s Joel Selfors (piano) and degreed / Paralydium’s Mikael Blanc (keyboards). The album was mixed and mastered by AOR producer extraordinaire Erik Gavfelin Wiss (Creye, Cruzh, Cap Outrun).

Watch the video for the first single “Heart’s On Fire” below.

City Of Lights deliver hard-edged melodic anthems driven by crunchy riffs and lush keyboard textures combined with soaring, passion-filled vocal melodies. Pre-order/save “Before the Sun Sets” here.

1. Racing on the Redline
2. Heart’s On Fire
3. Emily
4. Heat of the Night
5. Dying Light
6. Give Me Back My Heart
7. Put Your Heart on the Line
8. Snake Eyes
9. Joanna
10. Midnight Club
11. How to Love
12. Before the Sun Sets

Manos Fatsis: Lead Vocals
Neil Austin: Rhythm Guitar, Backing Choirs, Programming
Robin Eriksson: Bass, Harmony Vocals
Mats Eriksson:Drums

Guest Musicians: 
Nathan Doyle - “Racing on the Redline”, “Heartvs On Fire”, “Heat of the Night”, “Dying Light”, “Midnight Club”
Daniel Johansson - “Give Me Back My Heart”, “Snake Eyes”, “Before the Sun Sets”
Jonathan Carlemar - “Snake Eyes”, “Joanna”
Mike Kyriakou (Kyre) - “Emily”
Wahwah Guitar: Matt Farmer - “Snake Eyes”
Keyboard Solo: Mikael Blanc - “Before the Sun Sets”
Piano: Joel Selsfors - “How to Love”