Belladonna releases lyric video for new single “Astronomer of Life”

Belladonna Astronomer of Life single cover
Italian quintet Belladonna are amongst that rare breed of bands whose utterly unique sound has enraptured and inspired fans and followers all over the world and you have, without doubt, heard their music in many movies, dramas and adverts. Yet again they have released another stunning track, “Astronomer of Life”, via Belladonna Records, today (November 15th).

Check out the lyric video for “Astronomer of Life” below.

The video for “Astronomer of Life” is synced to a scene of a pre-existing movie, the last scene of the Russian director Andrej Tarkovsky 70s movie “Stalker”. It is a one-take-only video, but it has an overwhelming starkness, otherworld-ness and emotional power.

“Astronomer of Life” is taken from the band’s new album “No Star is Ever Too Far” (due out on january 30th, 2020). This album already has a distinguished history in terms of licensing, since 3 of its songs have already been included in major movies (The Turing Sniper was - in its original version in Italian - in Remember Me, My Love, the G.Muccino drama featuring Monica Bellucci, Black Beauty is featured in a very touching scene of the Michael Moore movie Fahrenheit 11/9, and the intro of We Belong To Hell is in the international tv spot of the 2017 USA thriller My Cousin Rachel).

“Theyʼve created a mysterious, romantic, erotic world” - Rolling Stone

Belladonna is a rock band formed by songwriters Luana Caraffa and Dani Macchi. Belladonnaʼs self-produced debut “Metaphysical Attraction” not only turned the band overnight into one of the most loved unsigned bands on MySpace, but they received the honor of 2 Grammy Awards 2008 ballot nominations, unprecedented for a DIY band. Over 1.000.000 views on MySpace, magazines like Rolling Stone and GQ hailing them as the “next big thing”, shows with Dita Von Teese at Erotica 07 in London, gigs with Scars On Broadway and Siouxsie & the Banshees, performances at the Dubai International Film Festival, all in the first 3 years of being together as a band.

Invited by alt-rock producer Sylvia Massy (Tool, System of a Down) to record their sophomore album “The Noir Album” in her all-analog studio in California, USA, Belladonna new record comes out in March 2009, entering the Italian iTunes chart and getting very positive reviews all over the world.

Back in Italy, the band plays shows with Nine Inch Nails, The Mars Volta, Staind and Korn, on the strenght of the first single off “The Noir Album” – “Till Death Do Us Part” – being Single Of The Week on Italyʼs biggest rock radio, Virgin Radio.

In December 2010 Belladonna release “Let There Be Light”, a single written in collaboration with legendary English composer Michael Nyman and based on his The Heart Asks Pleasure First from the soundtrack of the Oscar-winning movie The Piano. Michael Nyman himself plays piano on the track.

In May 2011 Belladonna release their third album “And There was Light”, recorded in November in L.A., with the help of Grammy-nominated producer Alex Elena and of Metallica’s “The Black Album” engineer Mike Tacci. The album enters the Italian iTunes Top 100 and garners great reviews from all over the world. During the release, Belladonna find themselves (alongside Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson) mentioned in Motley Crue’s frontman Vince Neil’s autobiography Tattoos and Tequila as one of the acts that have been influenced by Motley Crue in recent years.

Belladonna spends most of 2012 on tour all over Europe and writing/recording new songs for their fourth album. “Shooting Dice with God”, released in April 2013. Rolling Stone premieres the video of the first single “Karma Warrior” on its website.

On 10 June 2015 Belladonna release “Undress Your Soul”, a song written and produced in collaboration with Italian film composer Pasquale Catalano, based on his music of Italian cult TV series Romanzo Criminale. In July 2015 the Belladonna song “The God Below” is used in the Fifty Shades Of Yellow international TV spot of the movie Minions. On the 23rd of October 2015 the TV Spot wins the Clio Key Art Award - the Oscar of movie advertising - for Best TV Spot of the Year.

The 23rd of March 2016 the band releases “The Orchestral Album”, 10 songs from their catalogue completely re-arranged and recorded with a concert orchestra featuring many of Ennio Morricone’s regular orchestral players and conducted by Kazakh arranger/conductor Angelina Yershova, who co-produced the album with Belladonna’s guitarist and producer Dani Macchi.

In 2017 Belladonna release “The Belladonna Soundscape Collection Vol.1”, a movie-industry only release of over 200 instrumental tracks all recorded using exclusively original elements from their albums. During the course of the same year tracks from this collection are used in the trailers of big-budget Hollywood movies such as Split, My Cousin Rachel, and Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. In October 2017 the band gets commissioned to write music for the award-winning trailer of the Marvel movie Black Panther. In December the band releases the one/off single “Spiders of Gomorrah”. In the same month the song is licensed in the trailer of the Netflix TV series Godless.

In early 2018 Belladonna’s guitarist and producer Dani Macchi is personally invited by Lacuna Coil’s frontwoman Cristina Scabbia to act as “vocal coach” of her team on the TV programme The Voice Of Italy, where she is one of 2018’s 4 coaches. In the meantime more Belladonna tracks are synched in the Hollywood trailers of the movies Acrimony and The Equalizer 2, and of the video games Shadow Of War and DeadRising4, cementing their position as one of Hollywood’s most synched bands.

In September 2018 the Michael Moore’s movie Fahrenheit 11/9 is released and features in its soundtrack the Belladonna track “Damn Your Love” (taken from “The Orchestral Album”). Belladonna’s Dani Macchi guitar performance of The Star Spangled Banner is included in the trailer of the same movie.

In January 2019 the band releases its sixth album “No Star is Ever Too Far”. Three of its songs have been licensed in international movies and trailers: The Turing Sniper is featured in Remember Me, My Love, the Gabriele Muccino drama featuring Monica Bellucci, Black Beauty is featured in the Michael Moore documentary movie Fahrenheit 11/9, and We Belong To Hell is included in the international TV spot of the thriller My Cousin Rachel.