Takha Filatova

Takha pic
Model Spotlight of the Month
When and how did you decide to deal with modeling?
T: It was a very interesting situation. My friend, who was a photographer, was insisting me to shoot with him lingerie and topless because he thought that I might like it. And he was right. After my first shooting, when I got a very nice result I decided to keep on shooting for fun, so it became my hobby.
What defines a sexy woman according to you?
T: When the woman feels sexy for herself. This is the most important, when she feels herself sexy, everyone around sees her sexy as well.
What’s the sexiest part on you?
T: Complicated question (haha)! I love my appearance, but my mind is the sexiest part of me, because my imagination turns me on!
What’s the weirdest thing that turns you on?
T: I love men’s hands. Beautiful hands turn me on so crazy!
Which was the strangest pick-up line a guy has used to approach you?
T: One guy messaged me on vk.com… and he offered me to pay him for sex!
What’s the weirdest photo shooting you’ve ever done so far?
T: It’s complicated to answer, because, for sure, we have a different point of view when it comes to “the weirdest”. But I can say that’s some of my shootings had much fun and others were not so funny.
What is the best sex advice you’ve ever given or gotten?
T: Best sex advice for me is to relax, have pleasure and be yourself. That’s it. Oh yes... use condoms.
Who’s the sexiest Rock Star of all time?
T: My boyfriend!
What’s the best city/country you’ve ever been to and why?
T: I am traveling a lot and every city what I visit is beautiful and unique. One of my favorite cities is Munich, because it’s beautiful, old and hospitable.
What kind of music do you like and which is your beloved band/artist?
T: I like to listen to music and nowadays my favorite singer is Lili Ster from France.
What language is the sexiest?
T: The sexiest language for me it’s the language of love!
How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
T: I am Takha (lol)… I guess these 3 words can describe myself: calm, persistent and inquisitive…