Mandy Xotoxic

Mandy Xotoxic pic
Model Spotlight of the Month
When and how did you decide to deal with modeling?
M: I start 2012 with a friend of mine. She is also a Model and we did my first shooting together. I was a really shy girl.
Why do you prefer gothic, alternative and fetish photography more?
M: I’m into this scene since I was a school girl. The fetish stuff especially Latex a bit later. That’s where I feel most comfortable.
How and when did you get into tattoos and piercing?
M: I have a lot older friends, so I became my first piercing very early. My first tattoo session starts on my 18th Birthday. I saw a corset painting on a girl’s back and I want that on mine too. But for forever.
What’s the weirdest incident that has happened while shooting in public?
M: Unfortunately, there is not much weird... The people are very tolerant and usually only take a look.
What defines a sexy woman according to you?
M: Self confidence and a full tattooed body.
What’s the sexiest part on you?
M: My chest tattoo!
Which one of the Seven Deadly Sins you consider yourself to be?
M: 2/3 King and 1/3 Ban!
What’s the weirdest photo shooting you’ve ever done so far?
M: A few years ago I visit Barcelona and ask a photographer if he likes to work with me. He can’t speak that good English and I’m not Spanish but we drove inland to an abandoned Villa and had a really nice shooting together. My Mom was with me and he is a well-known photographer. Normally I wouldn’t do that and I would not recommend it to anyone. There are a lot of strange people.
What’s the best city/country you’ve ever been to and why?
M: The best trip so far was in Cuba. I love this country and it was my first long trip with my boyfriend. I could eat fresh fruits every day, love old American cars. The people are so sweet and of course I love the nature, beaches and weather!
Whichare your beloved bands &artists in general?
M: I love a mix of Gothic, Industrial, Noise, Rock. Especially Xotox, Klangstabil, Neuroticfish, Rammstein, In This Moment, etc..
What’s your Guilty Pleasure?
M: Food, good music and dancing…
How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
M: Reliable, patient, cool!