The Advent Equation

That’s why I like searching & listening to new bands of all music genres. You never know what you’re about to experience. This time it was the Mexican newcomers, The Advent Equation, which amazed me with their musical skills and their prog, harmonies & heaviness. I think that fans who are into this kind of music must know about this promising band. Hence, we talked with the guys and they told us everything about the music & the band in general… Take a look below…
The Advent Equation band pic
Hi guys… You truly took me by storm with your debut album. You’ve been added in Grande Rock’s “Gem” category! Congrats…
D: Well, thanks a lot, we worked hard on it, so it’s great to hear good things about it.
Please give us a band bio in brief for people to get to know you better.
D: We are a 5 member Progressive metal band from Monterrey, Mexico. That has been working on this project since 2008. Recently we released our debut album independently. Our members are: Daniel Cordoba on guitar and growling vocals, Margil H. Vallejo on bass and clean vocals, Luis Gomez on guitar, Roberto Charles on drums & Esaú García on keyboards.
You know, as soon as I listened to the album I thought that you were from Europe, and specifically from Scandinavia. Although you’re coming from Latin America you do have more European flavor in your music, right?
D: Well, we try not to stay in one mindset about our music, but I guess you could say that, as big fans of European metal I guess it’s an honor to be classified in the same category. (i.n.: It surely is…)
Your starting point was in 2008. Apart from the EP “Sounds from Within” that was also out in 2008 you hadn’t released anything else till now. Did you want to focus more on the band’s music & on live gigs all this time?
D: This album “Limitless Life Reflections” took over a year to record, and before that we were working on live shows around our country, and at the time also writing new things, we wanted to make this album a unique experience from its begging to its end.
Where does “Limitless Life Reflections” refer to?
M: The album takes you through a journey, it has a main theme, it’s an existential journey, that makes you look into yourself, that’s where the title comes from.
How is the post-apocalyptic cover artwork related with the album’s title? Let’s also point out that the cover artwork was created by Colin Marks (Nevermore, Scar Symmetry, All Shall Perish) at Rain Song Design, London, England.
M: We wanted to display the sentiment of entropy in the album, the art reflects this decay of everything, symbolizing a single person’s decay, as well as the world’s.
Hence, do give us a hint about each one of the songs…
M: “Glimpse of What May Be”: It all starts here, it’s just a small dose of what’s to come.
“On Darkness”: The realization of the place where you lie now, in shadows.
“Purification Lapse”: Looking down at the abyss, not knowing how deep it is.
“A Descent Into the Unreal”: As the title suggests, it’s the downward spiral.
“Visions of Pain”: The calm before the storm, the peace before the fall.
“Afterlife Evolutionary”: The aggressive side of things, to be inside the abyss, with nothing around.
“Hopeless”: Finding yourself in this nothingness, wondering if anything’s real anymore.
“A Violent Motion”: After all has happened, you start the cycle over again, but playing the other part.
How would you describe the band’s music style to someone that has never listened to you before?
L: It’s a mixture of heavy guitar influences, along with atmospheric leads and rhythm complexity, which can go from warm and calm melodic passages, to aggressive and dynamic grooves.
You also took good care of your sound. The album was mixed & produced by Alberto “Charles” Leal at Psicofonia Productions & it was mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, Amon Amarth, Devin Townsend etc.) at Fascination Street studios. The final result is exceptional indeed. I’m sure you’re happy with that cuz’ it might have cost you quite a lot, isn’t it so?
L: Well, it was costly, yes, but at the same time, incredibly worth it, we’re very happy with it, working with Charles in his studio it’s something out of this world, he is a very talented and passionate producer, in whom we found a very special connection with the band. Jens Bogren’s work is also exceptional, rich in quality and it exceeded every expectation since the beginning we were in contact with him and Tony, both great and dedicated persons.
Although your debut was released by a Mexican label, you decided to go on independently. Why did you take that decision? Probably some offers you had weren’t that good for the band, huh?
L: We decided to go ahead and release the album independently, to get our music out there, for people to hear what we have to offer.
What are the advantages & disadvantages of going independently instead of having a label to take care of some important things on behalf of the band? Do you have in mind to sign with a label next time?
R: We would be happy to work with a label, with intention to make an important contribution to the modern metal scene.
Are there any plans for a tour or any live appearances anytime soon?
R: We look forward to promote our music in 2013, across our country and wherever our music can be heard.
It’s hard to blend many different music genres together but you did it successfully on your debut. The song arrangements play a vital role in order to move smoothly from one music part to another. Do you agree?
R: Well, yes, we worked to make everything go as smoothly as possible, with a lot of passion and attention into detail.  
The Advent Equation band photo
I’ve noted: “…They enthrall with their music skills & their sophisticated yet melodious prog “brutality”. Given that this is just the band’s debut release, it should be intriguing to see what their next step will be like & how far they can go…”. What’s your say?
R: Well, first of all we’d like to give our thanks for that note. As for what comes in the future, we will follow this same line & due to the mix of genres and their versatility, there’s no limit to what we can do. (i.n.: I’m sure about that…)
Latin America is very well-known for football but there’s a metal scene as well. Which bands do you believe have helped the Latin American metal scene to come out of its underground state?
E: I think Latin America has a lot of talent to offer, bands like Silent Devotion, Neural FX, Noosphera, Agora, Inferzenal, The Arkitecht, Avatar and IRA, just to mention a few… all of them great musicians and friends.
How do you see this new mp3-digital-free-dowloading culture of the 21st century? Would you offer the whole album or some songs from it for free to the fans at any time?
E: Yes, with digital downloads of any song, music gets shared, and new audience can be reached, also, you can hear some of our full songs before buying the album on our Facebook store, and also long previews on iTunes.
But as music collectors, you are missing the whole “buying a new disc” process, which is something magical from the first moment; you touch, hear, read, and smell it. It’s more like a special attachment or bond that is created between you and your CDs.
OK now it’s time for you “weird” questions!!! How did you come up with the name The Advent Equation?
M: We can describe its meaning by looking at the words individually, with Advent we have something big, a change that will occur, that being one side of it, and on the other one we have the word Equation which speaks of balance, equality that each member brings.
Which are the things that piss you off in today’s music industry?
L: Every day we see less collectibles. Remember lateralus, I could not find words to describe the moment when I first saw the complexity and innovation on its artwork… “Now the sound of music comes in silver pills”-SW.
Which is the record you wish you had written and why?
L: “Dark Side of the Moon”, due to musical and production innovations, the grandsons of my grandsons will still be listening to this album.
R: “Blackwater Park”, due to its sweet and raw essence.
E: “Abbey Road”, because of the quality of this masterpiece.
M: “Aqualung” by Jethro Tull, this concept album is a mixture of ideas and rhythms, one of the greatest.
If you could be a member of another band… which one would it be and why?
L: Devin Townsend Project, you just don’t know what to expect but epicness.
R: Lamb of God, because of music that kicks your balls…
E: Orphaned Land, due to the message of unification that the band brings.
D: Winds, due to their guitar dynamics and progressive madness…
Were you obliged to give just one album to extraterrestrials that would represent the whole human music, which album would it be and from which band/artist?
L: “Fear of a Blank Planet”
D: “The incident”
E: “Wish you were Here”
R: “Traced in Air”
M: “Ziltoid the Omniscient”, just to blow their minds…
Is humanity doomed to fail after all?
M: No, if we can help it!
You have the opportunity to sleep with the movie-celebrity of your choice. Who would it be?
R: Kate Beckinsale…
E: Natalie Portman, definetely…
D: Megan Fox (in transformers)…
M: Scarlett Johansson…
L: Kristen Stewart…
Are groupies a necessary evil for each and every rock/metal band?
M: Well, you never know where you can find inspiration, or with whom… (i.n.: I bet so…)
What do you think of Charlie’s quote: Beers, Pizza, Hookers? Which one is the most tasteful of all?
All: Pizza time! COWABUNGA!
Imagine that your wife/girlfriend is selling your whole album-collection just to buy an expensive ring for herself. How would you react?
R: I would shave her head on public, Sigourney Weaver (alien)style… (i.n.: hehehe…)
That’s all for now guys… Please leave a note to Grande Rock readers… Take care!
L: We would like to thank everyone that took the time to read this interview, and invite you to listen to our music, visit our social media pages, and please be more than welcome to contact us.