The end of an era...

GR logoSometimes there are so many things that you want to talk about that you do not even know where to start from. Unfortunately lately we have said “the last Farewell” to many great rock musicians who passed away suddenly, even though they had much more to offer to our beloved music.
It really feels like the “end of an era”… a truly “fantastic era” is coming to an end, either we like it or not. Significant musicians of the past, even some music idols, have already joined the “Big Heaven’s Band” and have left an unfilled gap behind them. Awkwardly, the “material” these amazing musicians were made from has ceased to exist for decades now… and all we are left with is some wannabes replicas that do not have a “rockin’ personality” and all they can do is imitate their music idols!
Sad but true… and even though the music industry is going crazy these days – they seem unaffected by the covid hysteria – the music is poorer and more heartless than ever before. It’s like fast food… it’s “fast made music” for the masses. Just have a look at how many singles and videos are out every day and you will lose count after a few days or a week or so. That’s insane… we do not need tons of bad music, but a few moments of great music like there used to exist in the past decades. Nowadays it’s quantity over quality and that’s the basic point.
I’ve had all these thoughts and many more after hearing about the passing of John Lawton, who is considered to be one of the greatest voices in Rock History, He made his reputation with Lucifer’s Friend, but he managed to make a name for himself after replacing David Byron (another astonishing singer) and by releasing only 3 studio albums with the famed Uriah Heep. His performances on rock hymns like “Sympathy” and “Come Back to Me” will never be forgotten by any music lover of any era. Words cannot describe how much John Lawton has offered to rock music in general… so I’d better let his music speak instead.
PS1: Summer is here and “The Heat is On” like Glenn Frey used to sing…
PS2: Gigs are back on track, so we’re gonna have some new gig reviews and photos soon enough… stay tuned!
PS3: I guess it’s not hard to guess that this editorial is dedicated to the late John Lawton, who passed away on June 29th, 2021, unexpectedly. Can’t thank you enough for the music John… your music legacy will live on forever and ever… R.I.P